How do I get ashore?

In most ports your ship docks right alongside the quay and you simply walk ashore. At a few ports listed in the overview below (status May 2018), we drop anchor at sea and you go ashore in the ship's small boats - called tenders - which offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from the port:

Please note that if you are not booked on one of our shore excursions, where we guarantee a convenient pick up and drop off right at the pier, reaching the closest city centre may involve taking local public transport or a non-complimentary shuttle service.

What time is dinner?

What other services are available?

Where can I keep my valuables?

How can we celebrate a special occasion?

What about smoking on the ship?

Will I have access to the internet?

What about luggage storage and delivery?

How to stay in touch?

Which language is spoken on board?

How about safety and security?

What happens on the last day of my cruise?

Do I need an electrical converter?

Why do I need to give consent for my child to use the Cruise Norwegian App?

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