What happens on the last day of my cruise?

When the ship has been cleared, you will proceed through customs and immigration and continue with your independent arrangements. Please ensure that you have arranged for an adequate flight time considering customs and immigration procedures (approx. 2 hours) and the transfer time to the airport. In some ports you can take advantage of our "Easy Walk-Off". This means you can leave the ship as soon as it is cleared by local authorities, carrying all your luggage off the vessel.

What time is dinner?

What other services are available?

Where can I keep my valuables?

How can we celebrate a special occasion?

What about smoking on the ship?

Will I have access to the internet?

What about luggage storage and delivery?

How do I get ashore?

How to stay in touch?

Which language is spoken on board?

How about safety and security?

Do I need an electrical converter?

Why do I need to give consent for my child to use the Cruise Norwegian App?

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