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The Perfect Cruise to The Canary Islands

Sail through a beautiful chain of islands boasting 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, breathtaking panoramas, a wide range of outdoor activities, significant cultural sightseeing and a famously laid-back vibe. Welcome to the Canary Islands - where sun and sand meet volcanic landscapes, sub-tropical forests and a bustling food and wine scene. Fall in love with the charm of Tenerife and the glory of Teide National Park. Crank up the energy windsurfing in Fuerteventura. Dive into history and culture in Gran Canaria. Take our word for it, the Canary Islands really sing.


Cruise to Sevilla Spain with Norwegian

One of the Best Places to Visit in Spain

The Canary Islands are a gem of Europe, and one of Spain’s shining destinations. Nature lovers will rejoice in the hiking trails and underwater caves of La Palma. Feel the magic of a pre-historic forest in Garajonay National Park on La Gomera. Visit Spain’s highest peak – Mt. Tiede in Tenerife, and stare at the stunning landscape below. Rejoice in the culture and nightlife of Maspalomas in Gran Canaria. Gorgeous beaches, a perfect climate and historical significance–this destination truly has it all.

Cruise to Casablanca in Morocco

The Spanish Archipelago known as Islas Canarias

Islas Canarias as they are known are at the Southern Coast of Spain and are the largest and most populous portion of Macaronesia - a collection of four volcanic archipelagos off the continents of Africa and Europe. These islands were formed when the peaks of ocean-floor seamounts rose above the ocean's surface. Because of the resulting mountains, the islands have some of the best star gazing in the world, and even contain two renowned observatories.

Aerial look of Spain from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

What to Do on a Cruise to Spain

Your cruise to Spain may have various stops depending on your port of departure and length of travel. But there are a few things you must do on your holiday in Spain. From Barcelona, Palma (Majorca), Cartagena, Granada (Malaga), Seville (Cadiz), Bilbo, and Alicante, there are many historical sites, monuments, and culturally-rich activities to enjoy. Eat tapas, taste wines, and see a Flamenco show. Depending on the time of year, you can also enjoy a variety of festivals that include battles involving paint, oranges, and even meringue.

Explore Our ThreeCanary Island Departure Ports

Cruise to Granada in Malaga, Spain

Spain, Malaga

Malaga lies on Spain's beautiful Costa del Sol (Coast of the Sun) and is famous for its cosmopolitan energy and cultural variety. Historical monuments serve as a backdrop to the city's modern character and of course, it's gorgeous beaches.

Cruise to Spain to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Spain, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

There's something for everyone in the capital of The Canary Islands, located on the chain's largest island. From celebrated beaches to historical monuments to avenues filled with shops and restaurants; the city is just a short drive away from the famous volcano of Mt. Teide - Spain's highest peak.

Cruise to Lisbon Portugal

Lisbon, Portugal

Gaze at exquisite architecture, count the colours of the famous azulejos (ceramic tiles), and delve into the fantastic food of Lisbon before heading to the Islands. With Norwegian, you have multiple Portugal cruises to choose from, including numerous Transatlantic cruise itineraries.



Couple in Lisbon, Portugal

The many islands of Islas Canarias offer an unbelievable assortment of shore excursions, each with its own flavour, style and pace. Ride a camel and see real lava up-close, then end your day with a glass of Malvasia wine in Lanzarote. Discover the painted caves of the island's first inhabitants and visit a lush botanical garden in Las Palmas. Immerse yourself in both art and nature with Cesar Manrique's amazing transformations in Arrecife.


A Spain Family HolidayTHEY'LL NEVER FORGET

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, Spain
On Board Family Spaces

A Spain Cruise Holiday for the Whole Family

There are family holidays. Then there are the kinds of awe-inspiring holidays your family will remember forever. Sail on a Spain Cruise with Norwegian and discover the ease and convenience of unpacking once and experiencing it all. Freestyle Cruising and family entertainment offered on Spain cruises allows guests of all sizes to experience the best holiday ever. Because on family holidays, it's all about options. And Norwegian's got them, from accommodation that fits all families to delicious dining choices even finicky eaters can't refuse. We haven't forgotten about teens - they also have an exclusive onboard refuge at Entourage.

Things To Know AboutCruising Canary Islands

Puerto Santiago, Tenerife, in the Spanish Canary Islands

Ports To Explore In Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago located near northwestern Africa, known for their beautiful beaches, volcanic terrain, and party atmosphere. Each island has its own unique charms that attract travellers.

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Cruises to Malaga, Spain

Top Things To Do In Malaga, Spain

Cruising to Malaga offers an ideal port stop for travellers wanting to explore Granada, renowned for its exciting mix of European and Arab cultures. To get your Spain cruise planning started, here is a look at some of the best things to see and do in Malaga.

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Lisbon, Portugal Cruise

Things To Do In Lisbon, Portugal

It's renowned for its colourful and ornate architecture, Fado music, year-round sunny weather, and more. If your Portugal cruise stops in Lisbon, here are some of the top things to do on your day in port.

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