$50,000 Blackjack Tournament

Timetable of Events

Schedule is based on minimum of 72 players. If the number increases the number and time of the rounds may need to change. Participants will be notified.

Tournament Registration (CASINO, Deck 7, Aft)
From 1:00 pm

Casino Welcome Aboard Party
Complimentary Cocktail Party for Tournament Participants & Guests (BLISS LOUNGE, Deck 7, Forward)           
From 4:00pm- 4:45pm

10:00 am – FINISH

Round 2  (CASINO PIT 3 AREA)
10:00 am – FINISH

10:00 am – FINISH

3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Awards will be presented immediately in the casino right after the Finals.

The Prizes

All prizes will be paid after the tournament is complete.

1st Place $25,000*
2nd Place $15,000
3rd Place $7,000
4th Place $3,000
5th Place $1,500**
6th Place $750**

* $5,000 paid in cash. $20,000 paid by check
** Denotes free promotional table chips

Casinos at Sea $50,000 Blackjack Tournament Rules and Regulations

  • The Round 1 table and seat assignments will be distributed at the Welcome aboard party for Tournament Players. This will be by random drawer, no requests or changes permitted.
  • The succeeding rounds table and seat assignments will be posted at the Casino Host desk after the prior round is completed.
  • The start time for each player will be available at the Casino Services Desk.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to check the assigned session time, seat and table assignment.
  • Players are to arrive to the tournament area 10 minutes before their assigned start time.
  • An equal number of players will be assigned to each table, if possible.
  • If a player does not take their place prior to the first bet being requested to be placed then they are eliminated. There will be no substitutions or changes made to accommodate late arrival.
  • No entry fees will be returned for late arrival, the player is responsible for knowing their start time and location.
  • All tournament tables will be no smoking.
  • No written or electronic aids are permitted during the tournament session. No cell phones or communication devices are permitted, ipods, headsets etc.
  • Round 1 consists of 12 tables with 6 players per table (72 total players). There will be 3 sessions of 4 tables. (Number of players per table may vary depending on the total number of participants)
  • The top 3 players with the highest chip counts on each table after 30 hands are complete will progress directly to Round 2. No more than 3 players per table can progress to Round 2.
  • Round 2 consists of 6 tables with 6 players per table (36 total players). There will be two sessions of 3 tables.
  • The players with the highest and second highest chip counts on each table after 30 hands are complete will progress directly to Round 3. No more than 2 players per table can progress to Round 3.
  • Round 3 consists of 3 tables with 4 players per table (12 total players). There will be one session of 3 tables.
  • The player with the highest and second highest chip count on each table after 30 hands are complete will progress to 'The Final'. No more than 2 players per table can progress to 'The Final'.
  • The 'Final Table' will consist of 6 players only. This round will be 60 hands long.
  • The winner will be the player with the highest chip count after playing 60 hands. 2nd place will be the player with the second highest chip count, third, third highest etc, or if players were eliminated they will be positioned by the number of hands played, more hands played equaling a higher finishing position.
  • In the event on any round or 'Final Table' that players are eliminated before the end of the session the player who played the most hands is deemed to have finished higher.
  • In the event on any round or 'Final Table' that players are eliminated all at the same time before the end of the session the player with the highest chip count prior to losing the hand is deemed to be the winner followed by the second highest, third, third highest and so forth.
  • During a qualifying round or a final round once the winners are determined there is no need to complete the number of hands to be dealt during a session.
  • For a chip count tie or double or more elimination during a qualifying hand only, a 10 hand $500 chip playoff will be run for those tied players only. If still tied at 10 hands the tie will be played hand by hand until one is declared the winner.
  • For a tie position in 'The Final' there will be no playoff. The payout for the two or more qualifying positions will be combined and equally split between the tied positions.
  • All Rounds and at the 'Final Table' all players will begin with the same value of chips as each other. $2000 non value chips for Round 1, Round 2, and Round 3. $4000 non value chips for 'The Final'. No exchanging of chips between players is permitted.
  • The tournament chips have no monetary value and must be returned after each round.
  • Each player must participate in each hand of a session, if they have enough chips for the minimum bet. If they cannot place the minimum bet then they are considered eliminated.
  • Each Session will begin with a newly shuffled 8 deck shoe, first card discarded blind.
  • All cards are dealt face up except the dealer’s hole card, players cannot touch the cards.
  • Players are responsible for showing clear hand signals indicating the action they want to be taken when it is there turn.
  • Players have up to 10 seconds to make their betting decision when it is their turn to act. Failure to act will result in the minimum bet being placed from their stack, $25.
  • Dealers will pay bets in the denominations they feel is appropriate.
  • Dealer will not hit soft 17.
  • Players can split any pair up to three times for a maximum of four hands, excluding Aces.
  • Double downs allowed after a split, double downs on two cards only permitted.
  • Double Down for less permitted ($25 minimum), Split for less is not permitted.
  • No double down allowed on a Blackjack or a soft 21.
  • Aces can be split only once and receive one card only.
  • No Draw permitted on a Blackjack, soft 21 or hard 21.
  • Minimum $25 bet required per hand.
  • Maximum bet per hand is $500, not including double downs or splits.
  • All bets in increments of $25 only.
  • Insurance will be offered when the dealer has an Ace showing.
  • Natural Blackjack against the Dealers Ace, even money option available. Blackjack pays 3:2.
  • Once a bet has been placed inside the betting area, it will be considered the player's final bet and cannot be altered. No chips can be added or taken away (i.e. no string bets).
  • The dice will be rolled prior to the first hand on each table session; the number rolled will determine the starting point. 1 will be the betting position to the dealer’s left and 6 to the dealer’s right, from the dealers perspective moving in a clockwise fashion.
  • The starting hand will be the first to place a bet, this player will also be the first to receive a card. After each hand is complete the next player in the clockwise rotation will be the first to bet and first to receive a card. Moving from left to right (Clockwise) from the dealers perspective.
  • If a player was due to make the first bet and they were eliminated then the next player on the clockwise rotation will make the first bet and receive the first card.
  • All chips must be kept on the table in full view at all times. Tournament chips can only be played at the tournament table during the contest. All chips must be stacked separately according to color/denomination. Chips cannot be removed from the table for any reason.
  • Players may not leave the table once the session has begun.
  • After the completion of 25 hands all remaining players chip stacks shall be tabulated and announced to the table. 25 and 50 hands for the 'The Final Table'.
  • Each player can bet only in their designated betting spot.
  • Players may not be coached, or conduct conversations with outside parties while rounds are in progress.
  • English only to be spoken on or around tournament tables whilst play is in progress.
  • No player will be permitted to play on another player's hand or an empty betting spot.
  • In the event the tournament is cancelled, all entry fees will be refunded.
  • Contestants must be at least 18 years of age. No winnings paid to anyone unless over 18 years.
  • If the dealer deals the cards out of order and no action has been taken then all hands are dead.
  • All protests must be handled at the tournament table before the players leave the table. All protests not settled during the round are null and void once the session is completed.
  • A player is eliminated from play if they violate any of the tournament rules.
  • Casino Management has the right to change Casino Promotions without notice at anytime.
  • In the event of a dispute over any tournament related matter or dealer error, the decision of Casino Management is final.

Terms & Conditions

Prize structure based on a minimum of seventy-two entrants and may be adjusted based on the actual number of entrants and consists of a total distribution of $50,000 in cash and $2,250 in Free Promotional Table Chips. Casinos At Sea Players Club card is required. Tournament rules are available upon request. Offer valid on N.Epic 11/02/2013. This offer is non-transferable, non-negotiable. Space is subject to availability. No alternates or substitutions for your entry allowed. Must be 18 years of age or older to gamble or participate in this event. Management reserves the right to change, cancel or amend offer. Complimentary stateroom available to qualified casino members. Gaming must meet the required criteria in order to receive a complimentary cruise fare. Offer is capacity controlled, per stateroom, subject to availability at time of booking and may be withdrawn at any time without notice. Reservation must be made with Norwegian’s Casino Department. Offer is not combinable with any other offers and is not transferrable. Non-Commissionable fares, government taxes, port expenses, and fees are additional. On-board services charges and tournament entry fee are additional and will be automatically added to your on-board account. For full terms and conditions visit: www.ncl.com/blackjack. Ships’ registry: BAHAMAS and UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. ©2012 NCL Corporation Ltd.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Norwegian Cruise Line reserves the right to charge a fuel supplement without prior notice should the closing price of West Texas Intermediate Fuel increase above $65 per barrel on the NYMEX (New York Mercantile Exchange Index). In the event a fuel supplement is charged, Norwegian Cruise Line will have sole discretion to apply the supplementary charge to both existing and new bookings, regardless of whether such bookings have been paid in full. Such supplementary charges are not included in the cruise fare. The fuel supplement charge will not exceed $10.00 per passenger per day.

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