Upgrade Advantage FAQ

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1. Is the offer amount per person per day or for the entire duration of the cruise?
The offer amount is per person for the entire duration of the cruise. Offers are based on two occupants per stateroom - only the first and second guest will be charged.

2. Does the upgrade include any additional promotions?
The upgrade does not include any additional promotions. However, you get to keep whichever promotions you already have.

3. What happens if I am part of a group or traveling with another reservation?
Each offer is considered individually, and NCL cannot guarantee that all reservations traveling together will be upgraded, if any. Under the circumstance that all reservations are upgraded, NCL cannot guarantee that all the upgraded cabins will be close together.

4. Can I reject the upgrade after it is accepted?
No, once your bid is accepted, your card will be charged immediately, and the upgrade amount paid is final and non-refundable.

5. What happens with the promotions I already have?
You get to keep the promotions you already have. However, no additional promotions will be added to your reservation.

6. Can I choose the location or specific features of the upgrade cabin?
No, your cabin location and attributes will depend on availability. NCL cannot guarantee a specific cabin number assignment within the upgraded category.

7. How much do I pay if my reservation includes more than 2 guests?
If your reservation includes multiple passengers (between 2 and 9 passengers), the offer amount submitted will be per passenger but only for the first and second passenger on the reservation.

8. Can I modify or cancel my offer after I submit it?
You may modify or cancel your offer up until 5 hours prior to departure, provided that your offer has not already been accepted by NCL and provided your credit card has not been charged.

9. When will I know if my offer got accepted?
Your offer can be accepted anytime from the moment it is submitted up until 0 days prior to departure.

10. If I have two reservations can I bid only once and if accepted, cancel the second reservation and move the guests into the upgraded cabin?
No, if you have two cabins you will need to submit two separate bids and they will be considered independently. NCL cannot guarantee that both reservations will be upgraded. In the case that one of the reservations gets upgraded, you cannot move the other guests into the upgraded cabin. All reservations cancelled within the penalty period will be subject to cancellation fees.

11. What happens if I am a single guest?
You will be charged based on double occupancy.

12. What happens if I am booked on a spa cabin?
If you are currently in a 'Spa' cabin and submit an Offer to upgrade to a higher category, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to another 'Spa' cabin within the upgraded category. If your offer is accepted and you do not get assigned to another 'Spa' cabin, you will be forfeiting the complimentary access to the Spa.

13. What happens if my offer is not accepted?
If your offer is not accepted, you will not be charged any additional amount, and you will stay in the stateroom you originally booked.

14. What happens if I purchased travel protection?
If you have Norwegian's Travel Protection on your current booking, you will be automatically charged to cover the upgrade cost. If you have travel protection via your travel professional, please contact them to add your upgrade to your coverage.

15. How can I change the credit card I used to submit an offer?
In order to change the credit card number, you will need to cancel and re-submit your offer(s) using the new payment information.

16. Is the offer amount I am submitting additional to the cost of my original reservation?
Yes, any amount you offer for an upgrade is in addition to the cost of your original booking.