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Cruises to Nagoya

Japan's fourth largest city by population, Nagoya, is a centre of modern commerce, with Toyota, Noritake china and a Legoland theme park calling this capital home. Tour the Toyota Exhibit Hall, experience Noritake Gardens and sit amongst the stars in the planetarium at the Science Museum. Nagoya Castle, deemed a National Treasure, is a must-see, as is exploring their entertainment district, Sakae. This busy hub is where you'll find Nagoya TV Tower, the city's symbol, and Oasis 21, a multi-level public park with a futuristic water theme.


  • Port Name & Location
    Port of Nagoya. Ship will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
    Japanese Standard Time (JST) (UTC/GMT +9)
  • Language
    The local language in Nagoya is Japanese. To say YES, say, "Hai," to say NO, say "Lie." Hello is "Kon 'nichiwa."
  • Currency & Shopping
    In Nagoya, the local currency used is the Yen (pronounced without the Y). When shopping in Nagoya, you'll find many items indigenous to the area, including tie-dyed fabric, shibori, invented in the 1600s. Noritake china and porcelain, and Mikimoto pearls. are also valuable keepsakes to buy. Sample some Akamiso (red miso), a food product unique to the area.
    • Famous For
      Unlike the rest of Japan and its white miso, Nagoya created its own red miso. Try it on everything from udon to pork.
    • Important
      Tattoos are taboo in Japan. It’s common to see “no tattoos” signage and most onsen, pools and gyms will prohibit entry.
    • Fun Fact #1
      Toyota makes its home just outside of Nagoya. Tour the plant and several museums dedicated to the automobile and future technology.
    • Fun Fact #2
      The Nagoya Castle, originally built in 1610, is one of Japan's top three castles. Its palace is one of the finest examples of Shoin architecture.


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