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Go Local - Cartagena: Traditional Market

Cartagena, Spain

Go Local - Cartagena: Traditional Market


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Explore two lively markets in downtown Cartagena; one for food and the second a favorite locale for handmade jewelry and crafts. While walking to the Santa Florentina covered market, you will pass landmarks such as Conception Castle and several leafy parks. Long a staple for shopping, the market offers every imaginable culinary ingredient, and you can expect the atmosphere to be extraordinary lively as the residents and vendors interact and socialize. The guide will lead you to stalls where you can taste tapas topped with favorite ingredients. You might try one of these small-plate appetizers with fried squid, anchovies, artisanal cheese or vegetables, as produce is a specialty. Continuing on to the nearby Artisan Center, which is housed inside an 18th-century palace, you will browse stalls full of locally made arts and crafts. The ceramics, jewelry and glassware are particularly noteworthy. Chances are, you will see artisans making their pieces by hand.

• Browse the stalls of the Santa Florentina market, which is revered for its fresh produce.
• Sample small-plate tapas at the market, topped with local specialties such as squid and cheese.
• Shop for hand-made jewelry and glassware at the Artisan Center, another favorite venue.

Need to Know:

This tour includes about three hours of walking and standing with some inclines, steps and cobblestone surfaces to negotiate. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and may not be suitable for those with mobility concerns who should evaluate their stamina and ability before joining the tour.

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Scenic & City Tours

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