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Go Local - Flavours Of Madeira

Funchal, Madeira

Go Local - Flavours Of Madeira


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Savor a variety of traditional Madeira beverages and dishes in the mountain village Serra D’Agua and in a private home in the suburbs of Funchal. As an introduction to the island’s gastronomy, you will be served a glass of poncho in the village. This traditional drink of Madeira may have originated in India with the British then introducing it to the island. Although poncho is sometimes made with the juice of passion fruit or tangerines, it typically contains lemon juice, honey and alcohol distilled from cane sugar. Continuing on to a private home in the Funchal suburb of Santo António, you will delve into the local cuisine with a tasting of various delicacies. Chances are, the menu will include Carne Vinho e Alhos, a traditional dish of pork marinated in wine and garlic. Side dishes may include favorites such as artisanal bread, sweet potatoes, fried corn and local cheeses.

• Gain a remarkably in-depth understanding of Madeira’s cuisine and drinks through tastings.
• Sample poncho, a traditional citrus drink that made have originated in India.
• Imbibe and dine in a mountain village and in a suburb of Funchal, two representative settings.

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Note: This tour includes about 1½ hours of walking and standing with some steps. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests.

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Scenic & City Tours
Local Food-Wine Tasting

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Tours with this activity level involve walking over relatively level terrain, possibly some cobblestone, gravel, or a few steps. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
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