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Volcanoes National Park

Hilo, Hawaii

Volcanoes National Park


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Spectacular volcanoes, craters and steam vents are waiting to be explored at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that has recently reopened after a period of tumultuous volcanic activity. The landscape of Volcanoes Park has dramatically changed as the floor of the Kilauea crater sunk over 1,500 feet and the overall caldera quadrupled in size and widened by over a square mile.

Today, the explosive eruptions, earthquakes and ash clouds have been replaced by remarkable changes in the summit area that your guests will observe on their Volcanoes and Blossoms Tour experience.

The highlights of this exciting tour include approximately half hour visits at each of the following destinations in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park while riding to each stop in comfort on mini-coach vehicles. They’ll walk through the Kilauea Visitors Center to receive information on the Park’s current conditions, view educational exhibits and interact with park rangers. Then they’ll be engulfed in rising steam as ground water seeps down to the hot volcanic rocks at the Steam Vents. The area between the edge of Kilauea’s caldera and the outer cliffs are treeless because the extreme heat destroys their roots; only shallow-rooted grasses and other hearty plants survive here. Unforgettable views for miles are offered from Kilauea Iki Overlook. Kilauea’s massive size and scale is realized from this vantage point and Halemau’uma’u Crater and Mauna Loa are seen in the distance.Guests visit the famous Akatsuka Orchid Gardens established in Volcano, Hawaii in 1974. Akatsuka is known world-wide for their impressive collection of Cattleya orchids and cultivation of Anthuriums, Bromeliads and more. Guests browse the 13,000 square foot tropical plants.Between May and August a $20,000 award-winning, one-of-a-kind orchid is on display that blooms just once a year.

The Volcanoes National Park Tour is not to be missed and includes round-trip transportation from the pier on full-size mini buses.

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