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Girls Getaway Cruise Ideas

Girls just wanna have fun, they say. Well, why don’t you grab your favorite girls and go have lots of fun at sea? Norwegian Cruise Line offers several options for an all-girls’ trip you can take with family or friends. Are you celebrating a bachelorette party? Taking a vacation with your friends after a recent divorce? Celebrating your bestie’s birthday? Whatever the reason for your vacation, Norwegian has you covered.

Girls' Getaway Cruise Ideas

Instead of doing the regular bar hopping rounds before one of your girls gets married, why not gather the old girl squad for some drinks at sea? Norwegian offers plenty of opportunities to party and celebrate. You can cruise around Europe, South America, the Pacific, and across the Atlantic and have an exotic bachelorette party the bride will never forget. Make it as wild as you want by frequenting the on-board discos or barhopping at one of the island stops. If you opt for the more pampering route, enjoy anything from massages and facials to manicures and pedicures at Mandara Spa and go sight-seeing at your destinations. Whether you do it up or chill it out, the ladies will have a vacation they’ll never forget.

Norwegian Escape - Mani/Pedi

A one-day or weekend cruise might also be a fun and less traditional idea for a bridal shower if you are feeling on the adventurous side. Take a weekend cruise with family and friends to celebrate an engagement in a way you will never forget. It saves you from having to clean up any mess made at home and lets you spend more time with the women in your life who have offered you support, love, and sisterhood throughout the years. You won’t have to worry about planning fancy meals or coming up with fun activities, as Norwegian will have that covered for you. All you have to do is decide where you want to go and who you will want to take along for the ride.

Norwegian Getaway - Wasabi

They say salt and water are very cleansing. So why not wash that man right out of your hair by taking a sea getaway with some friends after ending a long-term relationship? You get to blow off some steam and spend time with your girlfriends instead of brooding over pictures at home. You’ll forget about that man in no time. Who knows, you might just meet a new one on the boat. Heartbroken? Nothing a brunch on the deck won’t fix. Obsessing over his social media accounts and all the exciting places he’s been checking into? Disconnect from the net and catch some sun at one of our worldwide Norwegian Cruise Line destinations instead. You can even cruise to Asia and discover new and foreign adventures with your friends, creating new and happy memories as a single lady. Whats-his-face, who?

Norwegian Escape Grotto

Celebrating a major birthday? Gather the girls around for a birthday extravaganza on one of our Norwegian Cruise Line cruises. You can either celebrate one person’s birthday or several, making your next birthday bash an excellent excuse to cruise. Pamper yourself at the spa or go on a snorkeling excursion in the Caribbean. Whatever activity you choose to kick back and unwind, it will certainly be a happy birthday. Who knows, you might even feel younger when you get back to port.

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