How To Apply For Corporate Employment

Corporate Employment
To learn more, including how to search and apply for great career opportunities at Norwegian Cruise Line, please take a few moments to visit the following helpful links:

How do I register for the first time?

Before you apply to a job, you must first register by creating a valid login ID and password. To register:

  1. Click the “Career Opportunities” link to open Norwegian’s online application system.
  2. Click the “Click Here to Register” link located at the top right-hand side of the screen. You can also click the “Register Now” link within the Login box.
  3. Create a login ID (must be your email address) and password.
  4. Read and agree to the stated Terms and Agreement.

Creating a Profile
From the Careers homepage:

  1. Click the “My Profile” link located in the My Career Tools box.
  2. Complete all applicable fields. This information will be used as your Employment Application and contact information.
  3. Click the “Save” button when finished. You may edit and update your profile information (street address, telephone number and email address) as needed. Norwegian will use the contact information in your profile to notify you if you qualify for a specific open job.
How do I search for a Job?

Our land-based career opportunities are listed within the Latest Job Postings box on the Careers homepage. To learn more about a specific job, click on the job title and job details will be displayed. Please note that only a limited number of current job openings can be displayed at a time. To view all job openings, be sure to click the “Next” link or the “>” symbol located within the Latest Job Postings box.

For a more customized job search, you can utilize the Basic Job Search box located at the upper left hand-side of the Careers homepage. Within the Basic Job Search box, you have the option of searching open jobs by keywords, posting date, location or by job family. Searching by job family is helpful if you have a specific type of job or jobs in mind, but not sure of the exact title Norwegian may use.

You also have the option to save jobs to your account. In order to save a job,

  1. Click the box next to the job title of the job you want to save. A check mark will appear.
  2. Click the “Save Jobs” button. That particular job will then be saved in your account.
  3. When returning to this site and after logging in, you can click the “My Saved Jobs” link at the top of the Careers homepage to view your saved jobs.
How do I apply for a Job?

There are two methods you can use to apply for a job. On the Careers homepage:

  1. Select a job by clicking the box next to that job’s title. A checkmark will appear in the box indicating your selection. Click the “Apply Now” button which will take you to your employment application. -or-
  2. Click on the job title that you are interested in applying for. You will then be taken to a page showing the details about that particular job. On that job’s details page, click the “Apply Now” button which will take you to your employment application.

Completing an employment application is not difficult, however an applicant should plan 20 to 40 minutes to complete it the first time. Please note that Norwegian's online application system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. In order to use your time more efficiently, it may help to have the following information available in order to expedite completing the employment application:

  1. Current and/or past employers information. Ensure to have employment start and end dates, job title, salary, telephone number and addresses as well as brief descriptions of your job duties.
  2. Higher education institutions you attended.  Ensure to include instituion name, locations, degrees received or studied along with any majors.
  3. Job training, vocational/technical school names, course titles and dates attended.
  4. Licenses and/or certificates issued that include expiration dates and names of licensing or certifying organizations.

DO NOT use your browser’s Back button, or the back arrow, to return to a previous page. ONLY use the “Previous” link located at the bottom of each page. Also, on many of the application system’s pages, to return to a previous page, you will see a “Return to Previous Page” link.

What will I be asked in the employment application?

To complete an employment application in full,

  1. Click the “Next” link on the Preferences page. You will be directed to the Education and Work Experience page. To add your information, click each of the links located at the bottom of each box listed. These links can be found next to a “+” symbol. Complete as much of the fields as possible.   
    Note:    The more fields you leave blank, the more difficult it will be to successfully screen you as an applicant in comparison to an open job and may even disqualify you from further consideration.
  2. Click “Next”, to go to the Job Qualifications page.  Carefully read the stated questions and answer each one. If you are applying without adding a job, the Job Qualifications page will be blank since there will be no specific job related questions to answer. Simply proceed to step 3.
  3. Click “Next”, to go to the Applicant References page. Provide three (3) business references. References can not be relatives or non-work related friends.
  4. Complete the Referral Information box indicating how you heard about the open job.
  5. Click the “Submit” button in order to submit your employment application to Norwegian Cruise Line.
  6. Complete the voluntary Self Identification Details page regarding your race/ethnicity and gender
Why am I being asked Self-Identification information and how will this information be used?

We request this information so that we can comply with certain federal recordkeeping and reporting requirements. Your responses will be kept confidential and only be used in accordance with the provisions of applicable laws, executive orders and regulations including those that require this information to be summarized and reported to the federal government for civil rights enforcement. When reported, this information will not identify any specific individual. Providing this information is strictly voluntary and you do have the option of declining to give your race/ethnicity information. You must also carefully read the Terms and Agreements box on the Submit Online Application page and either select “I agree to these terms” or “I do not agree to these terms”. Please note that by selecting the “I do not agree to these terms” option, you will not be able to submit your employment application.

How do I know if my application was submitted or if I successully applied to a job?

Your application status will state “applied”. If you status states “draft”, this means your application was not submitted. Be sure to check your application ensuring all required fields are complete and then click the “Submit” button. Please note that Norwegian's online application system will automatically log you out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

You will note on each of the employment application’s pages, you have the option of saving your application via a “Save” button located on each page. You can use this function to save your employment application in case you want to return later to complete it. If you save your application and want to return to it, you will need to log in to Norwegian’s application system with your email address and password and then click the “My Career Tools” link located at the top right hand-side of the page. You will then see a “Saved Applications” link, with a number indicating how many applications you saved, located within the “My Career Tools” box on the upper right hand-side of the page.

Can I complete an application without selecting a specific open job?

Yes, you can submit an employment application even if you do not select a specific open job. To do this, simply click on the “Apply now without adding a job” link located at the bottom of the Careers Homepage. By submitting your application without adding a specific open job, your application will be stored in the application system database for one (1) year. It will be reviewed by the Human Resources team in conjunction with new job openings. If your qualifications match a new job opening, you will receive an email from Norwegian asking you to log in to the Careers page to re-submit your application with the specific open job selected. You will need to proceed to the Job Qualifications page by clicking the “Next” link at the bottom of each page. On the Job Qualifications page, please carefully read and answer the stated questions. You then must click the “Submit” button to apply for that specific open job.

Can I apply to more than one job?

Yes, however, since each job has different required qualifications, you will need to complete the “Job Qualifications” page associated with the selected job.  Click the “Job Qualifications” link and answer the required questions associated with that specific job. You must click the “Submit” button to apply for each open job.

How can I be notified of open jobs that may match my qualifications?

Utilize the Job Agent function in Norwegian’s application system. The Job Agent function within the application system works as your electronic employment representative. When you save a search, you can set up a Job Agent which will send you email notifications about new job postings that meet your saved search criteria. The Job Agent will also provide a message in the Notifications box in the center of your My Careers homepage.  To create a Job Agent,

  1. Click the “Job Search” link at the top of your My Careers homepage.
  2. In the Advanced Job Search box, complete your desired search criteria.
  3. Click the “Save Search” button.
  4. Name your saved search with whatever name you like.
  5. To activate your saved search as a Job Agent, click the box next to Use As Job Agent. A check mark will appear indicating your selection.
  6. Enter your current email address so that any Job Agent emails can be sent to you.
  7. Click the “Save Search” button.

The Job Agent will run your search automatically every night for a 180 day (6 month) period. If the search finds any new jobs that meet your criteria, you will receive an email with the information. When checking your email for any type of notification from Norwegian Cruise Line, please be sure to check your junk or spam email folders as your email filter may send emails from Norwegian to those folders. A message will also appear in the Notifications box located on your My Careers homepage. In your Notifications box, your Job Agent will be displayed. Simply click on your Job Agent name and you will see any matching open job(s). Each time the Job Agent searches, it looks for new job openings posted that match your search criteria since the last email it sent to you. You will not receive duplicate emails. Each email can list up to five new job openings. If more than five new job openings are posted, those additional postings will not be listed, however, the email will indicate that more job openings were found.

You can create up to three (3) different Job Agents to work simultaneously. The system will communicate with you electronically by following the criteria you selected to create each Job Agent. Be sure to define your Job Agent criteria carefully so that you will receive email notifications of newly posted job openings that do match your interests and qualifications.

What is Norwegian’s recruitment process?
  1. Once you submit an employment application for an open job, a member of Norwegian’s Employment team will review your application. This review entails comparing your education, work experience and any other job related criteria necessary for success.
  2. If the review of your application is successful, your application will be forwarded to the hiring department for a second review. This second review, entails comparing your work experience and knowledge as it relates to the technical criteria required for the open job.
  3. If Human Resources and the hiring department determine that your qualifications  are a match, a Norwegian Employment team representative will contact you to either proceed through an initial telephone interview or be scheduled for an in-person interview. Usually during the in-person interview, applicants will meet with both a Human Resources representative and a represenative(s) from the hiring department.
  4. Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive on a daily basis, we unfortunately cannot personally contact each and every applicant. We will only contact those applicants that have been determined to meet the necessary criteria of any open job. We do request that you do not call or email Norwegian Cruise Line to obtain information on the status of your application. Once a job is filled, Norwegian will send out correspondence to let you know.
Will I be notified of the my application and job status?

Yes, however, due to the high volume of applications received, unfortunately we cannot personally contact each and every person that submits an employment application. We do request that you do not call or email Norwegian Cruise Line to inquire about the status of your application.

Norwegian Cruise Line only contacts those applicants that are selected to proceed in the recruitment process.  Typically Norwegian contacts those applicants by either telephone or email. When checking your email for any type of notification from Norwegian Cruise Line, please be sure to check your junk or spam email folders as your email filter may send emails from Norwegian to those folders. Once a job is filled, Norwegian will send out correspondence to all job applicants that were not selected.

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