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Cellular at Sea

Talk. Text. Share. Cruise!

Enjoy the convenience of cellular service at sea. Share pictures of those special moments, send a quick text, make an important phone call or check an urgent email.

For an enhanced cellular connectivity experience while sailing, the Norwegian fleet features 4G-LTE and 3G cellular technologies. Most cellular carriers offer cruise packages; contact your cellular service provider to find out what options are available to you. To ensure that the right package and features are activated and that your cell phone is correctly set up, please contact your cellular carrier prior to sailing.

With your cellular phone, your wireless carrier and cellular at sea, you can talk, text, share and cruise!

Questions and Answers

Q: Will my mobile phone work while cruising?

A:Most cellular providers ensure their service is available at sea. Please contact your carrier directly to choose the right roaming service and package for your cruise.

Q: How do I connect my cellular device to the Cellular at Sea network?

A: Once you have reached international waters connection is automatic. Depending upon you cellular device, you will know that you are on the network when you see one of the following displayed on your device: “cellularatsea”, “wmsatsea”, “NOR-18” or “901-18”.

Q:Is Cellular at Sea available in port?

A: Onboard cellular services are available only in international waters (12 nautical miles or more away from shore). The service will automatically shut down when entering a port or getting close to shore.

Q: How much will I be charged when I use my cell phone onboard?

A: Rates vary, depending on your cellular service provider. Most carriers offer special cruise packages you can use while sailing. The charges incurred will appear on your regular cellular bill you receive at home. For more information on exact pricing contact your carrier or visit their webpage.

Q: Can I purchase a cellular package?

A: Cellular prices and packages are set by your home cellular provider. Most carriers offer cruise packages, contact yours directly to find out the options available to you while cruising.

Q: Can my family call me onboard?

A: Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line guests can be contacted by calling the guest’s cell phone number directly. The cellular roaming service works just as it does on land; to be reached, the Cellular feature must be on (airport mode Off). Please contact your cellular provider for specific details on rates

Q: How do I make calls?

A: For calls to North America dial “1” plus the area code and the number. For international calls dial "+" followed by country code, city code and number.

For additional information on cellular service at sea, please visit

NOTE: Cellular at Sea services are not available on Pride of America.

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