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קבלו התראות על המבצעים שלנו!

Download the Cruise Norwegian mobile app, available on the entire Norwegian fleet! Cruise Norwegian includes an industry first "Pre-Cruise" mode which allows you to pre-book your onboard activities, dining reservations, shore excursions, entertainment, and view your vacation itinerary and summary, all before you ever step foot on a Norwegian ship. Once you get onboard, all of your reservations, bookings, and favorites would be seamlessly transferred to the ship, where you can use the communications feature to chat and message with other guests onboard, view your account and onboard purchases, get a daily schedule of what's happening on the ship, and so much more! The Cruise Norwegian app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

הישארו מקושרים CRUISE NORWEGIAN

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The Cruise Norwegian app has been enhanced to help you experience an unforgettable cruise vacation every step of the way from the time you book to your last day on board.

Features Include:


  • Preview and book Shore Excursions
  • Preview restaurants and make dining reservations
  • Preview onboard entertainment, bars & lounges, spa treatments, shopping
  • Ability to favorite onboard offerings
  • Vacation summary, view itinerary and onboard reservation details
  • Check your Latitude Rewards points and learn about tier benefits

Before Your Cruise

  • Purchase onboard gifts including wine, flowers and treats
  • Check in online and save time at the pier
  • On the day of departure, access your E-Docs and directions to the pier

במהלך ההפלגה

  • Review your account and track onboard purchases
  • Get a daily schedule of what’s happening on the ship
  • Learn about our CruiseNext program
  • Review helpful disembarkation information including immigration and Easy Walk-off details
  • Call and message guests on board including Group Chat*

*Calling and Messaging Package has a nominal one-time fee for making unlimited onboard calls and messages during your cruise.

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אפליקציית ההפלגות של נורוויג'ןשאלות נפוצות

Choose Your Topic Below

Whom do I contact if I have a question or difficulties with the Cruise Norwegian App?
If you are experiencing issues with the Cruise Norwegian App, please contact the Internet Café Manager for assistance.
Can I place calls and send messages to another guest on the ship?
Yes, once you purchase a Phone and Messenger package, you can make an unlimited number of calls and messages to other guests with the package for one flat rate. In addition you can call staterooms, and to a variety of shipboard guest service extensions. The current rate for off-ship calling is 0.79 cents (U.S. $) per minute. This is a flat rate to supported countries.
Can I place calls to my friends and family back home?
Yes, calls to friends and family back home are supported. To dial a: • U.S. based number: Area code + number. • International number: 011, the country code and number. A confirmation screen will appear displaying the rate for off-ship phone call prior to placing the call. The current rate for off-ship calling is 0.79 cents (U.S. $) per minute. This is a flat rate to supported countries. Important: Calls must be placed from within the Cruise Norwegian App.
Can I use the app when I go off the ship, for example on an excursion?
No, the Cruise Norwegian Mobile App works exclusively onboard within range of the ship’s Wi- Fi network.
כיצד אני מקבל את דקות האינטרנט בחינם שלי?

The internet minutes are per person, one login per eligible member and include the activation fee. Your free internet minutes will be automatically added to your account. עם פתיחת דפדפן האינטרנט שלכם במחשב הנייד או בסמארטפון שלכם, תועברו באופן אוטומטי לדף הכניסה. Follow the on-screen login instructions and the free minutes will already be allocated to you.

What is my onboard number?
A telephone number will be assigned once you're onboard and have purchased the Phone and Messenger package. This number can be found on top of the screen in the light grey box in the contacts tab of the Phone and Messenger Package. Use this phone number during the cruise to make, receive phone calls, and messages. You should provide this number to other guests onboard who are also using the Cruise Norwegian Mobile App.
When will my Phone and Messenger Package terminate?
The Phone and Messenger package is valid for your entire cruise.
מדוע עליי לתת את הסכמתי כדי להרשות לילד/ה שלי להשתמש באפליקצייה של נורוויג'ן?

אפליקציית הנייד של נורוויג'ן אינה מיועדת לילדים מתחת לגיל 13. עם זאת, באפשרות ההורה או האפוטרופוס שנמצא באותו חדר לתת את רשותם דרך האפליקציה בנייד. כדי לתת רשות, על ההורה להתחבר לאפליקציה עם הפרטים שלו, לפתוח את התפריט הראשי, לבחור את האפשרות 'גישה לילדים' ולפעול על פי ההוראות.