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Win / Loss Statement

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This statement shows your Win/Loss for play involving use of your Casinos at Sea players club card. All winnings, including W-2G's (hand paid jackpots) as well as losses, are reflected in the Total Win/Loss for the period requested.

Effective January 15, 2020, Win/Loss requests will be automated. Please submit your request for win/loss statements after this date. For more information, email to winloss@nclcorp.com.

Win/Loss statements for the current year will be available after 1/31 of the following calendar year.


Request Instructions

Login into your Customer Account Profile with NCL and go to your My Account Page. Once at your My Account page, click on the link in the upper left hand corner to engage with our request area for your Win/Loss statement.

Once you click on the link for your Win/Loss Statement, you will see a pop-up window load into your browser display. Please complete the required information and hit submit. An activation code will be sent to your phone, please respond promptly.

Or visit our Document Downloads page to request a statement for a prior year through our manual process.