Extension of Previously Issued Future Cruise Credits

To further support our guests, we have extended the "book by" date for previously issued FCCs. Any current and active Future Cruise Credits, CruiseNext certificates and CruiseFirst certificates originally set to expire in 2021 have been extended. The "book by" date for these credits and certificates is now January 31, 2022. Note all certificates will retain their Sail By dates, which is for sailings departing on or before December 31, 2022.

For example: FCCs issued in July 2020 had a book by date of July 2021. The new "book by" date is January 31, 2022.

Active coupon classes that have been extended include:

  • Peace of Mind FCCs
  • Suspension Payment FCCs
  • Discount FCCs from previous suspensions
  • CruiseNext
  • CruiseFirst
  • All FCCs created as a result of ship incidents and goodwill gestures
  • Displacements

How long do I have to redeem my POM future cruise credit (FCC)?

How long will it take to receive my POM future cruise credit (FCC)?

What is the process for cancelling?

How long will the Peace of Mind policy be in effect?

What protocols have been implemented to address COVID-19?

What happens when one or more guests cancel with Peace of Mind, but other guests on the same booking choose to sail?

What happens if a new reservation using the FCC is cancelled?

I am booked on a Sixthman full ship chartered cruise, can I use an FCC?

Are any amounts on the affected bookings being refunded instead of being included in the FCC?

To what reservations does the Peace of Mind policy apply?

Should I take out Travel Protection on my new bookings?

What completed travel documents do I need to board the ship?

Are there any onboard activities that will not be available?

What testing and treatment capabilities are there onboard?

Will I be required to purchase a company-sponsored shore excursion while at ports of call?

Do I need to use the Norwegian Cruise Line App for new health and safety protocols?

If I already booked a cruise that has a vaccine requirement and don’t want to get vaccinated, will the cruise line provide a refund for my cruise?

Additional 10 Percent FCC

Are there any restrictions on pre-existing health conditions or limitations for guests due to COVID-19?

How may I request a refund of my Future Cruise Credit?

Will I be required to take a COVID test to disembark the vessel? Or will NCL offer testing onboard to meet travel requirements for guests flying back to countries that require negative COVID-19 test results to re-enter the country post cruise?

What is the process for cancelling using Peace of Mind?

How long will it take to receive the refunded portion (if any) of the cancelled booking?

Does this policy apply retroactively to existing bookings?

Can I make a new booking before I receive the future cruise credit for a cancelled booking?

Can I convert my FCC into another currency?

What is your current final payment policy and schedule?

If I cancel a reservation using Peace of Mind can I use my FCC to rebook the same sailing?

I am booked on a full ship charter, am I eligible for this POM offer?

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