Cellular and Internet FAQs

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Staying connected at sea has never been so easy. Share your unforgettable cruise moments by purchasing one of our onboard Wi-Fi packages or by calling home with plans provided by your cellular provider. As we strive to bring our guests the best onboard experience, we have partnered with Starlink - the fastest Internet at sea - to help you stay connected through your entire voyage. For cellular plan options, simply contact your provider to choose the plan that's right for you before you embark on your holiday. Got questions about staying connected at sea? We've got answers! Check out the following information to learn more.


Q - Will my mobile phone work while cruising?
A - Most cellular providers ensure their service is available at sea. Please contact your carrier directly to choose the right roaming service and package for your cruise.

Q - How do I connect my cellular device to the Cellular at Sea network?
A - Once you have reached international waters connection is automatic. Depending upon your cellular device, you will know that you are on the network when you see one of the following displayed on your device: “cellularatsea”, “wmsatsea”, “NOR-18” or “901-18”.

Q - Is Cellular at Sea available in port?
A - Onboard cellular services are available only in international waters (12 nautical miles or more away from shore). The service will automatically shut down when entering a port or getting close to shore.

Q - How much will I be charged when I use my mobile phone onboard?
A - Rates vary, depending on your cellular service provider. Most carriers offer special cruise packages you can use while sailing. The charges incurred will appear on your regular cellular bill you receive at home. For more information on exact pricing contact your carrier or visit their webpage.

Q - Can I purchase a cellular package?
A - Cellular prices and packages are set by your home cellular provider. Most carriers offer cruise packages, contact yours directly to find out the options available to you while cruising.

Q - Can my family call me onboard?
A - Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line guests can be contacted by calling the guest's mobile phone number directly. The cellular roaming service works just as it does on land; to be reached, the Cellular feature must be on (airplane mode off). Please contact your cellular provider for specific details on rates.

Q - How do I make calls onboard?
A - For calls to North America dial “1” plus the area code and the number. For international calls dial "+" followed by country code, city code and number.


Q - Is there internet onboard the ship?
A - Yes, we have Internet/Wi-Fi available on all of our ships. Our Internet Café Managers will be able to assist during posted hours with any questions / concerns you may have during your cruise with us.

Q - Can I access my own email provider onboard?
A - Yes. Web based email providers are accessed as normal from our onboard system.

Q - How much does it cost to use the internet onboard?
A - Pricing is outlined HERE. Once onboard, instructions on how to create an account and pricing details are present on-screen in the Internet Café or on your wireless device during the log-in process. Internet pricing is the same, whether you are using the Internet Café terminals, or any other wireless devices. All internet access charges will be billed directly to your onboard account.

Q - Can I check-in for my post cruise flight and print my boarding passes prior to leaving the ship?
A - Yes, you can check-in online and print your boarding passes in the Internet Café. Please note that regular printing and online time charges apply.

Q - Can I use my wireless device onboard?
A - Yes, you may use your personal or company issued wireless device while onboard. Wireless internet is available throughout NCL's entire fleet. Simply open your settings and connect to the ships’ Wi-Fi. You will be directed to our login page once your internet browser is opened, but if not, please visit loginnow.com. Use the Logout button to save your minutes if you have a minute plan. You can return to this window at any time by visiting loginnow.com in your browser. For unlimited plans, logging out is not necessary. If you are planning to utilise VPN access while onboard, be sure to discuss your VPN limitations with your company's IT department if you are planning to work while sailing. We are not able to change your settings onboard.

Q - Is the speed of my connection the same as on land?
A - No, the data for onboard connection is transmitted via a slower wireless signal to satellites orbiting the earth approximately 22,000 miles from the earth’s surface and then bounce back down to the land-based exchange. At home, your data is sent through a fast cable connection to your local exchange, just around the corner from your house. Therefore, internet access onboard is significantly slower than high-speed connections normally experienced on land. We are in the process of updating our fleet with Starlink, the fastest internet at sea and are constantly working on finding ways to improve your internet experience onboard.

Q - Can I access video streaming and conferencing onboard?
A - Yes, you access streaming with our Premium Wi-Fi plans.

Q - What do I need to prepare before the cruise / bring with me to use the internet onboard?
A - 1. Convert your e-mail settings to basic; you will have a better experience if your e-mail is less graphic intense.
2. Discuss VPN limitations with your company's IT department if you are planning to work while sailing. We are not able to change your settings onboard.
3. Remember to bring:

  • Wi-Fi enabled wireless devices
  • Power supply for each of the devices you are bringing with you
  • A charged battery for your trip to the ship
  • Data cables to transfer pictures
  • Headphones
4. And remember, we have an Internet Café Manager onboard to assist you during posted hours with any questions / concerns you may have during your cruise with us.

Q - How can I improve my Internet experience?
A - To get the most value from your internet package, adjust your device settings to disable internet usage that takes place in the background.

  • Turn off all cloud-based syncing services: iCloud, Google Photos App, DropBox, etc.
  • Turn off automatic software updates for all devices.
  • Turn off background app refresh.
  • Disable automatic back-up for photos & instant messenger chats.
  • Disable automatic video play on social media apps.

Q - Will closing my internet browser or device end my internet session?
A - No, you will always have to ensure that the LOG OUT button is clicked, or that you visit loginnow.com in the browser's address bar to end your internet session. If you are using your laptop, please ensure that your pop-up blocker is disabled to allow the "Logout/Time Remaining" window to appear and log out from there.

Q - Are there any restricted websites?
A - Please be aware that some websites and Internet services will be restricted due to bandwidth limitations, depending on the plan selected.