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アリカンテ パノラマツアー


アリカンテ パノラマツアー


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Get acquainted with the city of Alicante, a vibrant and popular Spanish resort town in the heart of the Mediterranean’s white coast. Before being invaded by thousands of sun seekers, the city attracted conquerors and traders like the Greek, Phoenicians, Carthaginians and finally the Romans, who named it Lucentum or City of Light.

A panoramic tour of the city takes you by the Paseo del Puerto, a marbled mosaic avenue imitating sea waves, and the Luceros square, with an impressive fountain with sculptures of horses. Other city highlights you’ll see are the traditional market building and the bull ring.

Enjoy a brief photo opportunity of St Barbara Castle, overlooking the city from a massive outcrop. The fortress has served the city well since it was built by the Moors in the 10th century. For centuries, it defended the city from countless invasions and now attracts locals and visitors alike for its privileged views and historic value.

A famous spot for locals and visitors to the city is the Explanada, a beautiful promenade that stretches around the marina. It’s lined with color tiles representing the waves of the Mediterranean Sea and lined with palm trees and often filled with small market stalls. Stop to try a traditional horchata, a refreshing drink made from tigernuts, water and sugar.



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このアクティビティレベルのツアーは、比較的平坦な場所でのウォーキングを基準としています(石畳や砂利道、多少の階段も含む)。 歩きやすい靴での参加をおすすめします。
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