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Marvel at Ishigaki’s diversity by visiting natural attractions such Kabira Bay and Yonehara Beach and one of the finest pottery factories, where iconic Shisa statuettes are produced.

Your scenic drive takes you around ladle-shaped Ishigaki Island, a natural paradise of secluded coves, beautiful beaches and subtropical vistas rarely associated with Japan. As you approach the western side of the island, you will pass several idyllic beach communities before reaching Kabira Bay where you will have a photo stop.

One of the island’s most picturesque and highly photographed locations, the unspoiled bay is dotted with densely forested islets. In all likelihood, you will see boats in the distance, cruising over the coral reefs in the crystal-clear water and perhaps black pearls being harvested for export. You may even spot majestic Mt. Omoto and Hirakubo peninsula, the island’s northernmost point.

Visit Yoneko-yaki Pottery to watch the craftsmen create colorful works of art. In particular, they are known for producing Shisa, half-dog half-lion statuettes that are typically sold in pairs. One statuette usually has an open mouth to ward off evil spirits; the other has a closed mouth to keep in good spirits.

You’ll also stop at Yonehara Beach to admire the beauty of this popular stretch of sand. You might relax in the shade of a palm, or stroll along the shore watching the snorkelers that typically explore the coral reef.

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Note: Guests who wish to make any purchases ashore should bring Japanese Yen with them.



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このアクティビティレベルのツアーは、比較的平坦な場所でのウォーキングを基準としています(石畳や砂利道、多少の階段も含む)。 歩きやすい靴での参加をおすすめします。
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