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Along the Northern and scenic coastline, Bonaire's legendary blue waters are a breath-taking scene. Fossils embedded in limestone are clear evidence of the island rising from the sea. The rustic landscape is packed full of huge candelabra cacti, 'Divi Divi' trees and a plethora of birds and wildlife make their home in this area.

Goto Lake, a natural salt water lake and a feeding ground for the flamingos, is one the most beautiful places on the island. Narrow tree lined country lanes will bring you to a drinking well for animals before arriving in Rincon Village. Hear ancient tales of this village built by Spanish explorers in the 14th century, and make a stop at the Washington National Park.

At the entrance of the National Park, see a full scale juvenile whale skeleton; visit the natural history plantation museum and the open-air exhibit for a peak into Bonaire’s heritage. Relax on the large covered terrace where you can buy cold drinks and snacks.

Onwards to the South, home to the salt Company and the flamingo protected nesting grounds. Learn how salt is produced today on Bonaire, and how the slaves mined it in the 17th century.

At the Slave Huts, see & touch history as you visit the original huts used as shelters by the slaves. The spectacular color contrasts of the Caribbean Sea against the pink colored saltpans, snow-white salt mounds and clear blue skies will turn any picture into a postcard!

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Note: Should you wish to purchase a ticket at the King’s Warehouse Cultural Park, you can visit a Cultural Exhibit that depicts the history of slavery and Rincon Village. Present your ship’s card to receive a discount.



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