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Delve into the cultural heritage of Guatemala by browsing an ancient textiles museum, admiring Antigua Guatemala’s colonial architecture, and watching how jade jewelry is made.

After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a wonderfully scenic drive through the mountainous inland terrain and on to Antigua Guatemala. The former capital of Guatemala, this UNESCO World Heritage site contains an abundance of beautifully restored colonial architecture that you will see while driving through town.

Upon arriving at the Ancient Textiles Museum, you will learn about Guatemala’s cultural heritage of weaving and how the ancient Maya wove naturally dyed cotton. In some of the exhibits, mannequins will be seen wearing historical traditional costumes in a household setting with typical furnishings and even foods, which will add realism and relevance.

You will have a chance to purchase textiles in the museum gift shop before continuing on to the glorious La Merced Church. While pausing outside the Baroque-style church for photos, take note that the building is rather low and stout to better withstand earthquakes.

Following lunch at the Porta Del Lagos Hotel, you will proceed to one of the city’s premier jade factories. Early civilizations in Mesoamerica prized jade mined in this part of Guatemala, and the stone is still cut and polished using traditional methods similar to those developed thousands of years ago.

Before returning to the pier, you will have time to shop for jade necklaces, earrings, bangles and even watchbands with jade clasps.



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