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U.S. Ends International Air Travel Test Requirement for Entry

As of June 12, 2022, CDC will no longer require air passengers traveling from a foreign country to the United States to show a negative COVID-19 viral test or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board their flight. Norwegian’s testing requirements remain in place. Learn more about our testing requirements and protocols below.

For country-specific information before your cruise, please visit Cruise Travel Requirements by Country.

You want to cruise. We want to keep you safe. With Norwegian, our leading Health & Safety Program allows you and your loved ones to cruise with the ultimate safety. Let's get back to living life to the fullest, together. Sail Safe. Feel Free.

As government regulations evolve, our health and safety protocols will evolve as needed to ensure compliance. This may mean different protocols from ship to ship based on local requirements. For additional information, please visit Prepare for Your Cruise for important pre-cruise need-to-knows.

Pre-Cruise and Onboard ProtocolsSAFETY FOR OUR GUESTS And CREW

Mandatory Vaccination Requirement for all Adults & Crew

Mandatory Vaccinations Against Covid-19

All guests age twelve and over, as well as all crew, must be fully vaccinated at least 2 weeks prior to departure in order to board. While we welcome unvaccinated children under the age of 12 onboard, it is the responsibility of the guest to be aware of any local protocols and/or travel restrictions in place at the visiting destinations at the time of sailing.

Local regulations may have booster requirements to enter certain countries – make sure to check Travel Requirements by Country to understand country specific requirements.

*Click here for a list of vaccines accepted to sail aboard our fleet.

Socially Responsible Check-In

Socially Responsible Check-In

We’ve designed an enhanced, staggered embarkation process and new check-in system to streamline check in for guests by allowing documents to be signed electronically.

Pre-Embarkation Health & Safety Preventative Measures

Universal testing & Pre-Embarkation Protocols

*Rules apply for all guest above the age of 2

Unless otherwise stipulated by local regulations (Cruise Travel Requirements by Country) that would supersede our policy, at time of check-in, the following testing requirements would apply:

  • All guests above the age of 2 will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 antigen or NAAT test (I.e. PCR) result administered by a verified third party or via medically supervised home test:
    • Within 2 days prior to embarkation date for cruises departing from a U.S. port
    • Within 3 days prior to embarkation date for cruises departing from a non-U.S. port
    • If embarking from a Canadian port, antigen test is required within 2 days prior to embarkation date, or 3 days prior for NAAT test (I.e. PCR)
    • Guests must bring digital or printed proof of negative test results.

North American Itineraries:

In order to facilitate, Norwegian has partnered with Inspired Diagnostics lab to ensure that guests have access to a quick, efficient and easy way to access the required FDA-approved proctored in-home antigen test prior to embarkation from the comfort of their own home. Inspired Diagnostics is a subsidiary of Inspire Health Alliance, a leader in best-in-class health services. Testing at home is safe, simple, and convenient. Purchasing in-home testing kits is simple.

    • Sign up on the testing site https://inspirediagnostics.com/ncl/
    • Receive the test kit(s) by UPS
    • Schedule an on-line proctoring consultation
    • Receive certified results via email

For all sailings, guests are also responsible for complying with all local health and safety requirements which may include additional pre-embarkation testing at the terminal. On select sailings where local government or health authorities may require guests to partake in additional COVID-19 testing on embarkation day, NCL will provide this testing free of charge at the terminal. This would be in addition to NCL’s pre-embarkation COVID-19 testing requirements listed above. Please refer to Cruise Travel Requirements by Country for country specific requirements.

All unvaccinated guests ages 2 through 11 will be required to bring proof of a negative NAAT test (i.e. PCR) result administered by a verified third party within three days prior to embarkation date. Failure to comply will result in denial of boarding.

Additionally, unvaccinated guests ages 2 through 11 on sailings from or to a U.S. or Canada port will be subject to additional testing at embarkation and disembarkation administered and paid for by the cruise line, as part of the U.S Centers for Disease Control (CDC) Voluntary COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships Operating in U.S. Waters.

Other available pre-embarkation testing services:

Additionally, the following services offer a verified third party or medically supervised at home testing: eMed or BioReference-Scarlett Concierge testing service – BioReference sends a trained Scarlet Health Professional to your home to collect your COVID-19 test specimen.

Locate a Covid-19 Testing Provider Prior to Your Cruise:

Should you need to locate a testing provider prior to beginning travel or while traveling prior to your cruise, please visit TestForTravel.com, an easy-to-use online tool for locating COVID-19 testing providers around the world. Simply enter your zip code, or city and country, and the website will display locations, contact information, and testing hours. It also allows you to search by test type – PCR or Antigen.

Face Coverings

Face Coverings

Our cruises will operate with 100% vaccination of crew and guests age 12 and over, therefore face coverings are not required while onboard. However, we recognize the added protections provided when wearing a mask covering and recommend that all guests do so onboard when indoors, except when actively eating or drinking, or seated at a table in a dining setting, or when in their stateroom. Mask coverings are also recommended outdoors when physical distancing of at least six (6) feet cannot be maintained. The decision to wear a mask covering when onboard is at the discretion of each guest.

On Greece & Italy Ports Only:

While docked in ports, local government regulations require all guests to wear masks onboard while indoors except for when actively eating or drinking or when in their stateroom. Guests will be required to wear masks outdoors when social distancing is not possible. Please visit Cruise Travel Requirements by Country for more information about the destinations and mask type required.

We will continue to monitor public health guidance, including from the CDC, at the time of your voyage and modify requirements accordingly.


Hand Sanitation

All guests will be required to engage in frequent handwashing and hand sanitizer will be prominently placed and easily accessible throughout the ship.

Increased Sanitation, Upgraded Air Filtration, Enhanced Health ServicesSafety Aboard our Ships

Continuous Ship-Wide Cleaning & Disinfection Measures

Comprehensive enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols, using EPA approved disinfectants, have been implemented throughout the cruise experience.

Upgraded Medical-Grade Air Filters

We are strategically installing medical-grade air filters of the highest filtration grade, MERV 13 or HEPA, capable of removing 99.9% of airborne pathogens, including COVID-19, and implementing new bi-polar ionization technology.

Enhanced Onboard Medical Teams & Health Services

We have improved our onboard medical capabilities with additional staffing relative to capacity and enhanced facilities including new and upgraded equipment and onshore medical institution partnerships.

Dedicated Public Health Officer

All ships will sail with a dedicated Public Health Officer on board that will oversee the day-to-day sanitation and cleanliness of all public areas and accommodations.

Destinations, Itineraries & Shore ExcursionsSAFETY ASHORE

Strategic Itinerary Development & Shore Partners

We constantly monitor the health environment across the globe and will modify or cancel itineraries to affected areas as needed.

Partners in Prevention

We’re partnering with our local destinations and tour operators to extend our comprehensive health & safety protocols to shore.

Beyond the Port

Guests are free to explore ports of call on their own, according to protocols in each specific port, and can purchase shore excursions as they wish. Face coverings may be required in certain settings to comply with local requirements, for example in terminals for embarkation and disembarkation or at ports of call. We will continue to monitor public health guidance, including from the CDC, at the time of your voyage and modify requirements accordingly.

*Due to local government regulations, guests may be required to take a Norwegian Cruise Line shore excursion in select ports. For additional information on this and other destination specific requirements, please visit the Cruise Travel Requirements by Country page.


Thorough & Effective Mobilization Plan in Event of OutbreakMOBILIZATION & RESPONSE

Contact Tracing

If a positive case of COVID-19 occurs, we have various contact tracing methodologies to identify and notify those who may have been exposed.


Dedicated isolation and quarantine accommodations will be available if needed.

Debarkation Scenarios

We have developed a thorough mobilization and response plan focused on collaborating with local authorities and coordinating safe passage home for all guests and crew should the need arise. We have also established relationships with onshore medical institutions and enhanced our telemedicine consultation capabilities.



Pre-Cruise and Onboard Frequently Asked Questions

Safety Aboard Our Ships Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I get sick whilst onboard?

Guests who have symptoms of COVID-19 whilst onboard should immediately contact the onboard medical centre for further instruction. Complimentary onboard consultations and treatments are provided for respiratory illnesses as well as dedicated isolation accommodations should the need arise. Medical centers will be equipped to test for COVID-19 onboard and if a positive case is identified, contact tracing for that individual will begin immediately and occur at the same time as treatment.

We have also enhanced our onboard medical capabilities with additional staffing and enhanced facilities. This includes an increase in intensive care unit capacity, new and upgraded equipment, onshore medical institution partnerships, telemedicine capabilities and additional robust consultation and treatment options. Onboard medical centres are also abundantly stocked with common prescription medications, remedies, and virus-testing equipment as available.

What testing and treatment capabilities are there onboard?

We have improved our onboard medical capabilities with additional staffing directly related to sailing capacity, new and upgraded equipment and enhanced facilities.
All vessels will have COVID-19 testing capabilities on board and results onsite. We have increased intensive care units (ICU) capacity onboard and ICUs are equipped with infusion pumps, IV treatments, cardiac monitors, defibrillators, cardiac pacemakers and ventilators.

Should the need arise, we also have partnerships with onshore medical institutions in place to provide clinical advice and assistance as needed.
Vessels are equipped with an onboard laboratory, which can administer Complete Blood Counts (CBC), Blood Chemistry, Coagulation tests, and Influenza tests. Onboard medical centres are also abundantly stocked with common prescription medications and remedies.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Are these all of the health & safety protocols that will be implemented during my cruise?

We have developed a comprehensive and multi-layered set of health and safety protocols that span the entire cruise journey, guided by the expert advice from the Healthy Sail Panel and our Company's SailSAFE Global Health and Wellness Council. We will continuously refine and improve these protocols as science, technology and our knowledge of the virus improve and will provide guests with all relevant information and any changes to protocols prior to setting sail.

Do I need to use the Norwegian Cruise Line App for new health and safety protocols?

We strongly encourage guests to download the Cruise Norwegian app. In addition to the variety of features and enhancements that will make the cruise journey seamless, guests will save time at the pier by completing the online check-in, which includes the Company’s new Health & Safety section which is required to be completed by all guests prior to sailing.

Guests can preview and book onboard activities, dining reservations, shore excursions and entertainment both before boarding and whilst on the ship. They can also review important trip details, access the day's timetable , view Latitudes loyalty information, call and message guests including group chat*.

*Calling and messaging package has a nominal one-time fee for making unlimited onboard calls and messages during your cruise.

Can I explore on my own while in port?

As delivering the best experience for our guests is always a top priority, after working closely with our destination partners, we anticipate that guests will be free to explore certain ports of call on their own. Please keep in mind that this is largely dependent on the local health authorities and the evolving regulations, which are subject to change. In order to keep our guests as safe as possible, we highly recommend taking our company organized shore excursions as a more controlled environment for you to enjoy your time in each of the destinations.

For additional information, please visit Cruise Travel Requirements by Country.

Will I be required to take a COVID test to disembark the vessel? Or will NCL offer testing onboard to meet travel requirements for guests flying back to countries that require negative COVID-19 test results to re-enter the country post cruise?

Norwegian does not require a disembarkation test. However, this does not supersede home country requirements. Effective 6/12/22, guests will no longer be required to show proof of negative Covid test to return to the United States.

Guests requiring a proof of negative COVID-19 test to return to their home country are directed to visit a clinic near the disembarkation terminal or airport.

For an easy-to-use online tool for locating COVID-19 testing providers around the world, please visit www.TestForTravel.com.

Will I be required to take a COVID-19 test in order to embark on the second leg of a back-to-back sailing?

No, guests will not be required to take a COVID-19 antigen test before continuing on the second leg of a back-to-back sailing unless symptomatic, unvaccinated or if a specific country requires it.

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