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Photographic Tour Of Antigua

St. John's, Antigua

Photographic Tour Of Antigua


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An amazing tour with 4 stops with a professional photographer. Explore Antigua’s colorful past and present on a guided tour that travels from the island’s quaint northern capital, St John. Drive through the heart of the island, Antigua’s tropical countryside, to see the everyday picturesque village life. See rolling hills to include stops Fort James, twin-sugar mills at Betty’s Hope Sugar Plantation, Devil’s Bridge and the white sand beach at Long Bay.

Board your air-conditioned transportation with your professional photographer, who will assist you on how to use and get the best from their camera, whether it be a compact or DSLR camera. Various techniques will be taught while having the opportunity to visit and take photographs at some of Antigua’s historic landmarks.

First stop is a 10 minute drive to Fort James, built in 1739. The Fort offers an opportunity to step back in time and enjoy fabulous views of St John’s Harbour and photographic opportunities of the harbor, your ship and the lovely Antiguan coastline.

Then it’s off to Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation which was the first large sugar plantation on Antigua, built in 1674. It’s success led to the island's rapid development of large-scale sugar production. The site's importance in Antiguan history has prompted the government to begin developing it as an open air museum. The two restored sugar mill examples at Betty's Hope provide a dramatic sense of the way these mills must have dominated the island during the hundreds of years that sugar production was the dominant industry. There are also 4 locomotives used to transport the sugar cane across Antigua.

Your tour continues to Devil’s Bridge where you will view the natural bridge at the head of Indian Creek with blow-holes and spouting surf. Legend says that if you throw two eggs into the water to boil, the devil (who is said to be down there) would keep one and return the other!

Next is a stop at Long Bay Beach where you can take a stroll along the beach and experience one of Antigua’s 365 beaches! Your waiting bus then takes you through Antigua’s tropical countryside, everyday picturesque village life and calm, rolling hills en route back north through Antiguan villages to St John’s and your awaiting ship.

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Note: There is no wheelchair storage on the vehicles. This tour includes approximately 3 hours of walking. It is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair due to the uneven ground at most stops.

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