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Guernica and the Biscaine Coast

Bilbao, Spain

Guernica and the Biscaine Coast


  • 5.5 hours
  • Snack

Experience the beauty of Guernica and the Biscaine Coast during this half-day visit to Bermeo and Guernica.

Departing the pier, it's a scenic 2-hour coach drive along the Basque Coast en route to Bermeo. Bermeo is one of the most important fishing ports on the Cantabrian coastline and home to a large deep-sea fishing fleet which operates in the Azores and Southern Africa. Upon arrival, you will take a guided walking tour of this charming little town, along the way observing the popular Basque architecture that is reflected in the fishermen's homes. Following your walking tour, you will have free time to explore the area at your leisure.

Rejoining your coach, you will next travel to Guernica, making a brief photo stop at the Mirador viewpoint en route. The former capital of this Basque country, Guernica was the meeting-place for local lords and kings who assembled here to pledge to uphold the laws of Vizcaya. On April 26, 1937, the town was completely devastated by German aircraft sent by Hitler to support Franco's troops. Upon arrival, you will see the petrified trunk of the symbolic oak tree that miraculously survived this horrific bombing raid. Another of the sites you will see is the Park of Europe where you will find the famous sculptures symbolizing Guernica-Lumo as a city of peace.

Your time in Guernica concludes with refreshments and an aperitif before visiting the Casa de Juntas, where the Basque Parliament has convened since 1979. Following your Parliament visit, you will re-board your coach for the return drive to the pier.

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