Global Cuisine

Food Republic

Exotic Flavors from Around the World

Take your palate on an international journey of Asian and Latin Flavors at Food Republic. Travel to Mexico and scoop up some tasty street food. Jet away to Japan and try a new kind of sushi roll or have a hearty helping of Thai noodles. The tapas-style dishes and sushi are made for sharing, so bring the whole crew and savor a new world of flavors. Food Republic is open for lunch on sea days and dinner nightly.

Food Republic - Norwegian Specialty Dining

Options for the Whole Family

Food Republic Tijuana Fries
From casual bites to elevated cuisine, Food Republic offers diverse dishes to please most any palate.

Cuisine Made for Sharing

Food Republic Two Timing Big Tuna Roll
Our dishes are served tapas-style, which means they’re perfectly plated for sharing with family and friends.

The Freshest Ingredients

Food Republic Cherry Tomato Whipped Burrata
Each unique dish is made from high quality, fresh ingredients that blend Asian and Latin flavors.