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Highlights of Kyoto

Kioto (Osaka), Japan

Highlights of Kyoto


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Explore two of Kyoto's marquee attractions: the impressive Golden Pavilion and formidable Nijo Castle, a quintessential example of Momoyama architecture, which flourished 400 years ago.

An approximately 90-minute scenic drive inland introduces you to Kyoto, an immensely historical city renowned for spectacular architecture, which includes thousands of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines. Upon arrival, you'll have an exterior visit of Kyoto's most famous landmark, Kinkakuji Temple (Golden Pavilion). Built by Shogun Ashikaga Yoshimitsu as a villa in 1397, the three-story home was converted to a temple by Yoshimitsu's son. The Golden Pavilion follows the Shinden style of the Heian Period by being positioned at the edge of a tranquil pond. The three-story Chinese-influenced Golden Pavilion has delicately curving roofs, with the walls and eaves of the second and third stories covered in shimmering gold leaf. View the exterior of the pavilion and walk through the peaceful gardens, marveling at the mirror reflection of the temple on the still pond.

After a stop for lunch at a local restaurant, you'll head for Nijo Castle where more history awaits. This impressive fortification made of cypress wood was built in 1603 as the residence of the Tokugawa clan. An esteemed UNESCO World Heritage site, the castle is protected by a moat, stone walls, and ingenious nightingale floors, which chirp like a bird when walked upon to alert the guards of potential intruders. Despite its defensive elements, the castle was primarily a home. It's adorned with wooden carvings, artistically painted sliding doors and expansive tatami rooms, decorated in the traditional style at the time.

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Note: Visitors must remove their shoes to enter Nijo castle’s Ninomaru Palace and photography is not permitted in this area. The castle is undergoing a lengthy restoration and some areas may be closed to visitors.

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