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4 Family-Friendly Europe Cruise Destinations

Family vacations can be tricky to plan. You may wonder, "Where should we go on a cruise in 2024? Will the kids like it? Will there be free time to explore for the parents, with some free time away?" But a Vacaciones En Crucero can easily solve where to go and whether to bring the kids. Simply put, cruises are welcome vacations for every member of the family. And if you're searching for ways to combine history, culture, and fun, look no further than a family cruise vacation to Europe.

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Norwegian cruise vacation in Europe
Barcelona, España.

Vacations need to have a sense of adventure, especially for kids. When kids feel like they are going exploring, their excitement to travel knows no bounds. If you want to be sure that your kids will be gushing about your trip for years to come, then consulting them about the places they dream of traveling to is one of the best ways to ensure that your family cruise is out of this world.

Now is the ideal time to book a family cruise to Europe, too. To get your cruise planning started, here's a look at some of the best destinations for your next family cruise vacation.

Norwegian Family Europe Cruise to Spain
Barcelona, España.

1. Spain Cruises

España is one of the best places in Europe to take kids on vacation. The country's staggering beauty and variety help make this culture-filled destination one of Europe's most-visited. Spanish society often caters to children in ways some other places don't, which means that Spain should definitely be at the top of your list when considering a family cruise vacation to Europe.

Norwegian can take you to some of the most well-known Spanish cities and ports, but we can also take you to some places you might not have thought about visiting. Consider a Spain cruise that includes a stop in La Coruña where you'll find the Tower of Hercules, a functioning 2,000-year-old lighthouse. Or, Alicante, where you'll find beautiful beaches and mountain terrain. Be sure to visit the archeological site of La Alcudia, an active dig site that has been occupied since the Stone Age.

Norwegian Europe Cruises to Ireland for the Whole Family
Dublin, Ireland.

2. Ireland Cruises

If warm weather isn't really your thing, but long afternoons spent inside a cafe cozily reading books and sitting by a fire are the kinds of activities your family enjoys, then Ireland's hundred thousand welcomes are definitely the choice for you. Utterly, vibrantly green, and surrounded by some of the most ancient historical sites in Europe, Irlanda is also great for exploring, particularly for those who do better in a cooler climate. Additionally, if you're English speakers, then Ireland will be one of the easiest nations in Europe to navigate.

Of course, the real draw here is the Irish people, who are funny and charming, offering you one of the warmest welcomes in all of Europe. A plunge into the cool water of Dun Laoghaire at the Forty-Foot, made famous by James Joyce, or a wander through the safari park south of Cork are just a couple of the activities available for families to look forward to on a cruise to the Emerald Isle.

Explore Greece on a Family Cruise with Norwegian
Santorini, Greece.

3. Greek Isles Cruises

For a relaxing beach vacation in the sun-dappled blue-and-white buildings clinging to the sides of cliffs, a Crucero por las islas griegas will take your breath away. It's also the perfect place for a beach getaway, given the sheer number of beaches among the nearly-countless Greek islands. For those who are interested in Greek mythology - and what kid didn't go through a myths and monsters phase - Greece is the ultimate place to visit for younger folks who love antiquity and mythology.

Parents will find something to enjoy, including gorgeous restaurants overlooking the sea and some of the world's most delicious wines. From the lost city of Atlantis on Santorini to the silhouette of the Parthenon in the Athenian summer moonlight, a cruise among the Greek islands is an ideal choice for adventurers, both young and old.

Norwegian Europe Cruises to Italy for the Whole Family
Venecia (Trieste), Italia.

4. Italy Cruises

Venecia (Trieste) is a city of dreams. It's an excellent choice for a family Europe cruise, particularly during Carnevale, which is like Halloween every day. Italy, in general, is drenched in culture and history, not to mention its incredibly delicious food. Good news if you have picky eaters who only want pasta and pizza: You'll find plenty of both wherever you go on an Crucero a Italia!

From the history of the capital city of Roma to the stunning Amalfi coastline, Italy stays in the heart. It's also a family cruise that everyone will remember.

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Overall, Europe is a very family-friendly cruise destination. You'll find plenty of adventure, history, and delicious eats. Many of the ports you can choose from will delight everyone, from your youngest child to the difficult teenager.

One of the best parts of a Europe cruise is how many destinations you can visit. Or, opt for a Transatlantic cruise where you and your family can enjoy all the onboard amenities your Norwegian cruise ship has to offer. There are countless family-oriented activities onboard, plus plenty to keep the adults entertained.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: This article was originally published on May 14, 2019. It has been updated to show updated information and related itineraries.