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Shipboard Employment NCL America - Life Onboard
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Life Onboard NCL Cruise Ships

What is S T Y L E?

Service Teamwork and Yes Lead to Excellence. S T Y L E is our customer service concept that all employees take pride in supporting and role modeling. All employees must work together to make our guests feel special. If you have a 'can-do' attitude, then you have S T Y L E.

What's my cabin like?

It's not a grand suite with a plasma T.V! Your crew cabin has 1, 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, desk and chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is very tight. Your bed sheets will be changed once a week and bath towels. We are so generous that the cabin is free to you. You are responsible for keeping your cabin clean.

Three's Company?

No, 4's company! Yes, you will have 2 or 3 other roommates. Most likely they will be from a different country.

Can I Wear The Latest Fashions?

No problem as long as they fit in a tiny corner in the closet or under your bed. Pack only the essential outfits. You can wear the latest fashions when you are off duty and not in a guest area.

Who's The Boss?

Your boss could be the department head or a supervisor in your department. The top boss on the ship is the Hotel Director. The Captain on the ship is the Master of all and the final decision maker.

How about food?

We feed you 4 delicious meals a day at no cost to you. You have half an hour for each mealtime. Meals are buffet style in the crew mess. We offer a variety of meals to savor your palate. You also have the option, while the ship is at port, to play tourist and try different restaurants with your friends.

7-day workweek? Do I have free time?

It's not as bad as it sounds! Yea, you work 7 days a week on the ship. You work more than 10-hour days. When you are off duty you can go to the crew gym, your cabin, crew area and watch large screen T.V. or if the ship is at port, you can get off and enjoy the sites. Where else can you get these perks?

I Wanna Be Somebody?

We offer career growth through internal promotions. You can apply for promotions on the ship as they become available.

Who entertains me?

We take care of everything. We have a crew welfare member who plans activities for the crew such as crew bingo, barbeques, parties, etc. etc. We have a crew disco and lounge.

Ship Amenities?

Ship amenities are for the guests. Some crewmembers will have access to the guest areas while others will not. However, if you want to use any amenity in the guest area, you must ask your manager for permission.

What do you mean Norwegian Cruise Line is like nothing else on water?

Our ships visit some of the most beautiful places. From the scenery of Alaska to the fun Caribbean and every port imaginable, NCL is there. Not only do our guests have a good time but our crew too!

Do I get paid?

Absolutely! We offer competitive salaries in the industry. On the NCL brand, you are paid once a month in cash. Direct deposit is not available, however, you can do wire transfers of your salary for a fee. You can also take cash advances not to exceed 50 percent of your monthly salary. On the NCLA brand, you are paid every two weeks. You will have the option of direct deposit, however cash advances are not available. You basically have zero expenses on the ship, so if you are resourceful and stay away from the expensive stores when you are in port, you can bring home good money.


Dating on the ship of crewmembers is allowed. Dating guests is forbidden, it will be automatic grounds for termination.

What languages do you speak?

Our business language is English, however we also speak French, Spanish, German and a whole lot of different languages on the ship. If you have a good ear, you might pick up a language or two.

I can't live without the Internet!!!!

Take it easy!! We got you connected! We have internet access on many of our ships; at very reasonable rates you can have access to the Internet. We have a Crew Internet Cafe for you to receive and send emails as well as venture into the world of the web.

I'm always on the phone yakking away!

Ok. If you want to keep your cell phone, it will most likely work at the different ports of call. We also sell phone cards on the ship. When at sea, your cell phone will also work through our satellite, but be careful -- international roaming charges apply and can be expensive.

Mail, I must receive those important letters?

The mail comes in a bottle. I'm only kidding. Mail arrives once a week to the ship.

How do I pay my bills?

We recommend that you pay your bills via the Internet as well as we have wire transfers for a fee.

I ran out of shaving cream!!

We take care of that too! We have a crew store on the ship for you to purchase toiletries, cigarettes, candy and all those conveniences of everyday.


We have washers and dryers on the ship for you to take care of your clothing. We also have an ironing area.


We provide you with uniforms free of charge. At the end of each assignment, you must return your uniforms before signing off.


You will have an opportunity to work and make life long friendships with crewmembers from over 70 countries.

Last Call?

Yes, you can drink when you are off duty and not scheduled to work. You must be over 21 years of age to be served a drink in the crew bar. Please remember that we have a very strict alcohol policy and we do conduct breathalyzers. You must be sober when on duty. Any crewmember abusing the alcohol policy will face termination.

Drug Policy?

Zero tolerance is our middle name. We've seen everything and know all the tricks - don't try it!! We conduct random drug testing on the ship and searches. Drug distribution and use is cause for immediate termination.

Harassment Policy?

We have zero tolerance of any kind of harassment. Every crewmember and manager is responsible for creating a positive work environment free of harassment. If you are ever in any situation that violates our harassment policy please report it to your manager or an authority figure on the ship.

I'm Married With Children!!

Employment contracts are for the crewmember only.

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