Air Sea Program

We've got a few friends in the airline business.

By flying people all over the world to get on our ships, we have the clout to get you a good deal on your airfare. Often better than you would find online. So don't worry about hunting all over the internet, just call us and let us find you the right flight at the right price. 当社は、北米100都市以上から出発する航空券を取り扱っており、客船までの移動も便利です。

Call +81 3 4530 9878 and let us make it an easy trip to the ship.


All cruise and air electronic documents are available for printing approximately 60 days prior to departure provided full payment has been received. Please be sure to check all of your documents and then reconfirm your flight with the airline at least 72 hours prior to departure. Please be aware that flight schedules are subject to change at any time. You will be provided with baggage tags which you will need to fill out completely and affix to every piece of luggage including carry-ons.


Air/Sea Passengers:
Transfers between the airport and pier are available for purchase by all Air/Sea guests. In addition, transfer between airport and pre- or post-cruise hotel are available for purchase when the hotel was arranged by Norwegian Cruise Line. Transfers included in the Air/Sea Program are non-refundable. Upon arrival at the airport in the city of embarkation, passengers should proceed to the baggage claim area to claim their luggage. A Norwegian Cruise Line representative will meet them in the baggage claim area on domestic flights, and outside of Customs on international flights, to assist with their transportation to the ship or hotel (if applicable).

Cruise Only Passengers:
Cruise Only passengers who schedule their own flights and want to purchase transfers should call reservations at +81 3 4530 9878. Ground transfers must be booked 11 days prior to sailing. Upon arrival at the airport in the city of embarkation, Cruise Only passengers who have purchased NCL's transfers should proceed to the baggage claim area to claim their luggage. An NCL representative will meet them in the baggage claim area on domestic flights, and outside of Customs on international flights, to assist with their transportation to the ship or hotel (if applicable). For Cruise Only passengers booking their own return flights, we suggest a departure time no less than 6 hours after announced arrival time of the ship.

Air Ticketing

NCL's Air/Sea Program is operated and ticketed by NCL Tours. Airline tickets are issued on fares that are capacity controlled and highly restrictive, so airline tickets may not be reissued or exchanged for another carrier or routing.

Airline Procedures & Restrictions
The terms of the air transportation will be governed by the air carrier ticket contract and NCL's Passenger Ticket Contract. NCL reserves the right to choose the air carrier, routing and city airport from each gateway city and reserves the right to substitute commuter service and/or charter air service for scheduled air carriers without prior notice. All terms and conditions governing NCL's Air/Sea Program and the air transportation arranged by NCL will equally apply to such chartered air service. Flight schedules may not, in some cases, be the most direct, and connections, layovers and involuntary overnights en route may be necessary. The cost of such overnight arrangements (food, lodging, transfers and items of a personal nature) will be the passengers' responsibility. Please note that scheduled flights directly into Quebec City, Canada, are limited. In many cases, passengers will be flown into Montreal, Canada. The motorcoach transfer from Montreal to Quebec City takes approximately 3 hours. Some guests may be flown into Fort Lauderdale, FL, rather than Miami International Airport, for sailings embarking/debarking from Miami, FL. Flights may be substituted at any time prior to ticketing. Actual flight schedules, fare basis and applicable rules cannot be committed until airline tickets are issued. Gateways will not be available for sale beginning at 30 days prior to sailing. Air/Sea gateway cities may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice. NCL will not be responsible for any expenses or other consequences resulting from inclement weather, strikes, flight cancellations, changes/delays in the ship's schedule or a change/delay in schedule or routing made by a passenger, travel agent or airline. If, due to any cause beyond NCL's control, NCL is unable to arrange air travel (including, for example, because of capacity controls placed upon us by airlines due to types of fares under which NCL books) or the air travel NCL arranges is unavailable or otherwise fails to materialize, NCL's sole liability will be limited to refunding the air add-on amount paid to NCL.

Air Charges

Air Charges may include any and all fees, charges and taxes related to air transportation imposed by U.S. and/or foreign governmental or quasi-governmental authorities including passenger and airport facility charges, air departure taxes, foreign airport taxes, customs/immigration/security fees, airport service charges and inspection fees. Air Charges are additional, vary by gateway city and routing and are subject to change. Air Charges are estimated and billed by gateway city and routing and are non-commissionable. Actual Air Charges may be higher or lower than the amount quoted. Refunds will not be made if actual Air Charges are lower than the amount quoted. If actual Air Charges are higher than the amount quoted, NCL reserves the right to collect the difference. Certain countries require passengers to pay an airport departure tax which may not be included on the passenger air ticket. This tax is collected at the airport and may have to be paid in local currency. This tax is the responsibility of each individual passenger. Cancellation fees are assessed for any air changes or deviations, contact NCL for more information. 航空会社が課す手荷物料金は、航空券の料金には含まれていません。 航空券以外にかかる費用は航空会社に直接お支払いください。

Seat Assignments & Special Air Service Requests

NCL cannot confirm seat assignments. 座席の指定についてお客様自身あるいは旅行代理店から、ご利用の航空会社まで直接お問い合わせいただくようお勧めいたします。 Special meals, addition of frequent flyer numbers or other type ancillary services relative to your airline records should be made directly with the airlines.

Norwegian Cruise Line Flight Assistance Hotline - While Traveling En-Route

不慮の出来事や悪天候、飛行機の遅延、欠航は、誰にでも起こり得ることです。 フリースタイル クルーズ(Freestyle Cruises®)をご利用の場合、お客様のフライトが変更になったり、悪天候などの理由で遅延となっても心配はいりません。 まずは空港の担当者に、お客様がノルウェージャンクルーズラインに乗船予定であり、クルーズ船に向かう途中であることをすぐにお知らせください。 通常、担当者が該当する航空会社のカウンターでフライトの変更手続きを行い、お客様が無事に客船、またはホテルパッケージの目的地に到着できるよう手配いたします。

After you learn your new flight arrangements, please contact our "Flight Assistance Hotline" at +81 3 4530 9878, as soon as possible, with your new flight. 通話は無料で、毎日24時間対応いたします。


ご注意:こちらの特定の番号は、米国およびカナダ国内でのみご利用が可能です。 Outside of the U.S. and Canada you may reach us at +81 3 4530 9878 and we accept collect calls.

重要:上記の番号は、不測の事態による遅延など、緊急時の連絡用にのみご利用いただけます。 その他のお問い合わせは、ご利用の旅行代理店にご連絡ください。 NCLは、航空会社の遅延に対し責任を負いません。