What about luggage storage and delivery?

Services are available to store your luggage at the following ports.

Port Price Details
Barcelona 9,90€ per bag
Venice 4,00€ per piece of luggage Luggage must be collected before ship’s sailing when the luggage deposit closes
Copenhagen and Civitavecchia n/a Luggage storage is not available
Tampa $7 USD for 2 guests (up to 4 bags)
$10 USD for 3 guests
New Orleans $25 USD for the first four (4) pieces of luggage
$5 USD for each additional piece.
All luggage within an order must have matching names. Oversized/overweight items may incur an additional fee. Service include delivery to airport.
Seattle $3.50 USD per bag Must be picked up by 3pm
Vancouver $7.50 USD per bag Luggage storage is only offered at Canada Place.
Los Angeles n/a Luggage storage is not available

Please note that Hawaii, Miami, Boston and New York have no luggage storage available.

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