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When you open the door to the dimly lit grotto inside the spa on Norwegian Getaway and Norwegian Breakaway, you are immediately greeted with the faint scent of ocean air. As you make your way across the room, your eyes scan the glimmering crystals that climb the walls. With each step, your feet sink into the cool loose sand on the floor. You lick your lips and taste the distinct tang of ...salt? What is this place? Your surroundings are actually part of a European salt therapy that made its way from top spas to new, luxury cruise ships.

Salt therapy, also called halotherapy, has grown in popularity all over the world. This popular global trend that can be found in Europe, Canada, the United States -- and, of course, on board Norwegian Cruise Line. This therapeuticprocess is used to alleviate respiratory problems, skin ailments, and to strengthen the immune system.


Salt therapy chambers on Norwegian's Cruise Line's spas are designed to mimic the naturally occurring salt mines and caves of Eastern Europe, which have been used for hundreds of years for their healing properties. The on board spa replicates the micro climate found in these caves through the use of salt aerosol machines. These machines grind salt into minute, breathable particles and circulates them into the air. The negatively ionized salt particles can then enter the respiratory system and thin out toxins inside the lungs, allowing the breath's cilia to expel them with ease. Salt contains anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which help open up the lungs and eradicate bacteria on contact. Salt therapy can alleviate symptoms caused by over-exposure to smog and city dirt, bronchitis, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis, and allergies. In higher concentrations, salt therapy can also alleviate skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis.


Although the process is inspired by tradition, you'll find all the luxuries of a world-class spa on your next cruise holiday. Temperature and humidity inside therapy rooms self-regulate to a optimised levels, whilst soft lights shimmer in the stylish room, invoking a sense of calm and warmth. Cozy up on a lounge chair, read, meditate, or just exhale the world around you and breath in the renewing salt air.