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Have you ever taken a Myers-Brigg personality test? If so, you might know that our behavioral traits typically fall somewhere on the gray scale instead of swinging to extremes. For instance, I'm an introvert but I'm not reclusive or painfully shy. In fact, most introverts love to talk and trade stories - it's just that we strongly prefer intimate dinner conversations to loud party chatter. We're also curious types and deep thinkers. After socialising, we tend to seek out quiet, cozy spots to contemplate or recharge.

When it comes to cruising, Norwegian offers so many options and special places aboard for those who, like me, prefer to cruise on the quiet side. Whether you're a soft-spoken INTJ seeking solace or an outgoing ESTP wanting to recharge, here are some favourite places you can escape to.

Swimming in Spice H20:

Welcome to your personal paradise. No crazy crowds or kids gone wild here. Spice H20 is Norwegian’s adults-only exclusive swim spot, located on the top deck. Curl up on an oversized chaise lounge, and dive into a juicy book. Share a cozy moment under a cascading waterfall, or soak up the stunning ocean views.

Swimming in Spice H20


With Freestyle Cruising, there's no assigned times or seating for meals. It's up to you whether you choose to mingle in the main dining room, or savor an intimate dinner in a specialty restaurant. Tip: I like to eat early. You'll avoid any crowds, and secure dibs on window seating. Every introvert knows that when it comes to public places, it's always about location.

Mandara Spa

A hot stone massage or sauna at the Mandara Spa might do just the trick for a quick slip away. But the Spa Thermal Suite is every introvert’s pleasure palace. Heated chaise lounges, a secluded therapeutic salt room, and hydrotherapy pools are just a few offerings for consummate self-care and serenity.

Sauna in the Mandara Spa

The Haven

Every cruiser craves a secret haven, so Norwegian designed The Haven offering fantasy accommodations for travellers seeking the most intimate and exclusive luxury experience. Your private suite includes a secluded deck, pool, and lounge, access to The Haven Restaurant, as well as private dining served by an on-call butler. For your stay, select from the 3-Bedroom Garden Villa, Owner’s Suite with Large Balcony, Courtyard Penthouse, and several more options.

For the more moderate-minded, Norwegian also offers cabins with private balconies - the perfect way to renew and recharge throughout the day. Another secret - and sometimes the easiest way to feel as though you have the entire ship to yourself: I like to select just one port day on my cruise to stay on ship. You may find it's like having a giant amusement park (almost!) all to yourself!

Relax in The Haven

The Library

During a lively night on board, try this experiment: Sneak away from the bar or casino and slip into the library. Aaaaaaaah! In just five minutes, you'll discover an instant access to peace and quiet. Sorry to blow the cover off this favourite hiding out spot, but don't worry: The best things about Norwegian cruise ships are its spaciousness. Whether you want to dance till dawn or read by starlight, there's always a special place for everyone.