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Tradições de Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China

Tradições de Hong Kong


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Experience Hong Kong as a local, on this tour that showcases the lifestyle of HK people. HK's stereotypical image as a metropolis belies a unique heritage which is a fusion of ancient Chinese tradition and recent British colonial influence. Witness HK’s intriguing lifestyle and culture, and experience first-hand, Hong Kong's everyday life. So, put on your walking shoes and begin your adventure.

Drive to Tin Hau Temple – dedicated to the Taoist goddess of the Sea. This centuries-old temple, filled with impressive overhanging incense coils and colorful religious paraphernalia, is a fine example of Chinese architecture. Follow your guide on a walk to the Wet Market, the Chinese marketplace in essence. Eager shoppers from the neighborhood converge on this vibrant market, filled with an amazing variety of fresh exotic produce and fresh catch of the day. With its unassuming simplicity, cheerful and friendly banters, you’ll really enjoy this stop.

Hop on the local tram a favorite means of transportation among locals and visitors alike. This is the only double-decker tram service in the world. Enjoy the views of the ever changing street scenes, pre-war era apartment buildings and eclectic shops as your tram winds its way through some unique neighborhoods.

Stop at a HK style café, one of the locals’ favorite hangouts. The menu is a whimsical fusion of Eastern and Western culinary cultures. Enjoy a cup of English tea or HK style coffee and sample the famous egg custard tartlets; a delightful experience to be savored. After this refreshing break, follow your guide through the Western District. This is the oldest Chinese settlement and trading district on the Island. The shops in the area are real eye openers for visitors who come to learn about dried seafood, aromatic herbal medicine, traditional wedding dresses, paper lanterns and incense, which manifest the essence of local Chinese traditions and culture.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximately 90 minutes of easy to moderate walking. There will be some steps and uneven surfaces to negotiate and the floors at the Wet Market may be slippery. Participants should bring along local currency if they wish to make any optional purchases. Some sites may be crowded.

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