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Soviet Nuclear Weapons Site

Klaipėda, Lituânia

Soviet Nuclear Weapons Site


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Discover Lithuania's natural beauty, and the former nuclear threat imposed by its Soviet neighbors, during this visit to the Plokstine Forest and Soviet Nuclear Weapons Site.

A stark reminder of the Cold War, the Soviet Nuclear Weapons Site was constructed in Zemaitija National Park under great secrecy in 1960, and became operational in 1963. Soldiers working around-the-clock excavated the silos by hand. Four silos housed the R 12 surface-to-surface missiles. The nuclear missiles were targeted towards the biggest European cities, including Berlin, London, Madrid and Paris. From this very same site in 1962 similar missiles were deployed to Cuba, in what became known as the Cuban missile crisis. The Nuclear Weapons Site was closed in 1979, but four silos and the central control complex remain.

In sharp contrast to this apocalyptic site, the Plokstine Forest is filled with an abundance of scenic vistas, and you will stop to view the most beautiful sites of the national park, including the crystal-clear waters of Plateliai Lake, and three spectacular islands.

During your visit to the nuclear weapons site, you will follow your guide through the 88.5-foot-deep corridors, mineshaft and underground tunnels of this old Soviet launch site. Along the way, you will see some of the symbols of the Soviet Army, and have an opportunity to climb through the narrow hatch and view one of the silos.

On your way back to Klaipeda you will stop for a light lunch of traditional national dishes and a local beer, in authentic Lithuanian restaurant.

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