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Monte Teide & passeio panorâmico

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Ilhas Canárias

Monte Teide & passeio panorâmico


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The highest peak in Spain, the highest point in the Atlantic Ocean, the third highest volcano on a volcanic ocean island, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An absolute must see when you visit Tenerife. Drive past the university town of La Laguna, a charming, beautiful, monumental city in which historic buildings of great value abound, situated in the Aguere Valley. Continue along the spine of the island, straight to the Esperanza Forest, a great example of the endemic flora and fauna of the volcanic island with its pines and eucalyptus trees. While traveling up through the Esperanza Forest to Cañadas del Teide you’ll certainly be impressed by the chromatic changes of the landscape. The green backdrops turn gradually into grey, ochre, red or even blue, common colors from volcanic areas, always crowned by the stunning Mount Teide in its midst. On your way uphill, stop briefly to capture breathtaking volcanic landscapes and sights in pictures.

Prior to entering the National Park, stop for coffee at a local restaurant surrounded by natural wealth and lava stone formations. Journey then to Los Roques de Garcia at Mount Teide National Park, a protected territory declared as such in 1954, covering an area of approximately 7,688 acres (18,990 hectares). The park is in fact the interior of the Teide’s crater and houses an extensive unique endemic flora and fauna. Stop for pictures at the lava fields of Mount Teide, where you’ll discover one of the most pictured and famous icons from Tenerife, "El Roque Cinchado", also known as God’s Finger, a curious lava stone formation that looks like a finger pointing up.

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Note: As you will ascend to an altitude of over 7,200 feet (2,200 meters), this tour is not recommended for guests with heart or respiratory problems. Tour involves approximately one mile of walking and 5 to 10 steps.

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