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The Best Places to Zipline in the World

Ziplining is often considered to be an extreme sport, and it undoubtedly comes with its risks. However, if you’re brave enough to be strapped to a cable and soar above trees, canyons, and bodies of water, you can experience excellent views of some of the most iconic locations on the planet on your next cruise vacation. If you’ve done your research and think this high-adrenaline activity is for you, here are some of the best places to zipline in the world.

Flighthouse Zipline on Harvest Caye

Honduras Cruises: Roatan Bay Island

Roatan is one of Honduras’s bay islands as well as one of the most beautiful ziplining spots in the Caribbean. Zipline tours in Roatan allow you to sail above tropical forests and catch breathtaking views of the water below. Some even allow you to fly on your stomach like a bird, giving you a more accurate perspective of what it’s like to fly in the sky. Southshore Ziplines’s Zuperman is one such attraction that gives tourists this unique opportunity to get a true bird’s eye view of the island and surrounding coasts when cruising to Roatan. The featured rides also extend hundreds of feet and are among the longest in The Caribbean.

Australia Cruises: Daintree Rainforest

Some of the best zip lines in the world are located in rainforests where the greatest diversity of life can be witnessed firsthand. People of all ages can enjoy aerial views of the rainforest treetops and choose from many zipline experiences ranging from beginner to advanced. Zipliners often spot butterflies and birds on their Daintree rainforest adventures and if they’re lucky, they may even see a tree kangaroo in its natural habitat. With the choice to go fast or slow and even hang upside down, people who zipline here will discover that it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. These ziplining excursions can be found near the Cairns Yorkeys Knob port in Australia.

Zipline in Belize

Hawaii Cruises: Maui

Few destinations are as iconic as Maui, a featured stop on all of Norwegian’s Hawaii cruises. The only thing better than seeing Maui’s lush hills and crystal blue waters is seeing them from above. With a variety of zipline tours to choose from, cruisers can experience what it’s like to fly over a Pacific island at astonishing speeds. Zipline tours can also take as little as three hours, leaving plenty of time for other activities such as surfing, dining, shopping, and exploring. Families and couples can also benefit from side-by-side soaring and take in the sublime scenery together.

Asia Cruises: The Great Wall of China

This zipline destination gives adventurers the opportunity to climb up to specific spots on the ancient ruin before gliding down. The Great Wall of China is regarded as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World with the current wall having survived hundreds of years of turbulent history. Even more impressive, the Great Wall has been a part of China for more than a staggering 2,000 years and is connected to the first Emperor of unified China, Qin Shi Huang. Zipliners can quickly sail down a line of several hundred feet while overlooking the landscape and the adjacent wall on their descent. While different zip lines are open during different times, many of these adventures are a short ride from the port at Tianjin, Beijing.

Zipline on Norwegian Breakaway

South America Cruises: Arenal Volcano

Costa Rica’s most active volcano, the Arenal Volcano sits in the Arenal National Park, a well-known haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Here, visitors can spot exotic animals like howler monkeys and toucans while capturing stunning photographs of the over 5,430 foot volcano. Hundreds of species of birds dwell in the Arenal National Park where tourists can soak in hot springs, hike, and zipline over the valley. Zipliners can view the sleeping volcano from a higher vantage point as well as spot wildlife, vegetation, and incredible formations of solidified lava. This spot is only about a three hour drive from the Puerto Limon port in Costa Rica.

Caribbean Cruises: Jaguar Cave

The Jaguar Cave is located in the San Ignacio region of Belize and is known to have been used by the ancient Mayans. Archaeologists have discovered skeletons, stoneware, and other traces of human life in the famous Belize cave system, making this one of the most unique places to zipline in the world. Tourists have the chance to zipline in the surrounding rainforest canopy amongst howler monkeys and exotic birds, and they also get to zipline directly into the cave itself. If you’re cruising with Norwegian, the Harvest Caye zipline attractions in Belize are also ideal rainforest ziplining destinations near the Harvest Caye port.

Zipline in the Caribbean

Alaska Cruises: Icy Strait Point

Directly beside the Icy Strait Point port and as close as one hour away from the cruise port in Juneau, the Icy Strait Point zipline is an adventure that you don’t want to miss while cruising Alaska. This zipline is one of the longest in the world, stretching 5,495 feet over the evergreen forest hillside with stunning views of the mountains and water. Zipliners can zoom over the beautiful scenery at up to 65 miles per hour while catching glimpses of wildlife and enjoying the fresh Alaskan air. It is also one of the most popular zipline destinations in the world, so be sure to book this incredible excursion well in advance.

The safest ziplining tours are carefully scoped out by cruise line staff, and it may be a good idea to plan and book your adventure with Norwegian or the company you're traveling with. Of course, you can also experience a zipline adventure onboard Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Escape, and Norwegian Getaway as part of the Ropes Course.

Zipline Selfie

Just, don’t forget to pack your GoPro or camera to document your flight and all of your encounters with nature along the way!