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Flighthouse Zipline Adrenaline Package

Harvest Caye, Belize

Flighthouse Zipline Adrenaline Package


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Specifically designed for those that have a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure, the Flighthouse Adrenaline Package combines both exhilarating activities to feed your need for speed: the Lagoon Run Adventure Zip consisting of 3 zips crisscrossing the Harvest Cay Lagoon and traversing of the suspension bridge; and the Superman Beach Zipline Run, zipping 1,300 feet at 40 mph, side by side in a face down “superman” position across the Main Beach and Caribbean Sea! Note the beach run can also be done in the regular seat harness that is used for the Lagoon Run Zip for those who prefer to sit.

The Flighthouse tower is adrenaline junkie central. Currently the tallest building in all of Belize it has been specially designed to maximize the stunning views of the island, mainland and surrounding seas to allow you the opportunity to spring into thin air for the thrills of your life.

The flight crew will provide you with equipment and safety briefings covering all the “flight missions”. Once outfitted and briefed, you’ll be transported to your designated flight deck by the Flighthouse elevator and launched into the wild blue wonder!

Don’t think, just trust and launch yourself from the Flighthouse platform. Feel the adrenaline surge, the wind gust as you soar 100 feet above the Manatee Lagoon. Search the horizon and take in panoramic views of the Mayan Mountains on the mainland or the turquoise waters of the outer reefs.

The experience concludes with the side by side “Superman Beach Run” racing face down for 1300 feet in a superman position at 40 mph! allowing you a bird’s eye view of island guests below.

No experience necessary as our experience staff will provide all the information necessary to complete your mission.

Need to Know:

Note: Minimum age 8 years, minimum height 4 feet tall, maximum weight 250 lbs. Shorts or pants and shirts required. No bathing suits. Closed heel shoes are required so shoes do not fall off on traverses. Shoe rentals are available. Guests who go ashore do so with the understanding that they will be mixing with members of the general public.

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