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A Taste of Oslo

Oslo, Norway

A Taste of Oslo


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Drive through the city of Oslo passing the Akershus Fortress, the new Opera House and the Royal Palace, on your way to the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Centrally placed in the park is a 55-foot-high monolith featuring 121 stone figures of men, women, and children in their struggle for life. There are more than 200 sculptures, all symbolizing the different stages in the life of mankind. Your guide will explain the different sculptures and monuments.

Your scenic drive takes you to the Bygdoy Peninsula for a visit to the Open-Air Folk Museum. Here, you can get a glimpse of traditional Norwegian culture and history. Among the 150 wooden buildings constituting the museum, is one of Norway’s unique Stave churches, dating back to around the year 1200.

You’ll also visit the Kon Tiki Museum, housing a range of boats and artifacts from Thor Heyerdahl’s expeditions. See the original balsawood raft, Kon Tiki, used to cross the Pacific Ocean in 1947. The museum also contains the reed boat RA II and an exciting collection of archaeological finds from Peru, Polynesia and Easter Island.

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Note: Due to the implementation of car free zones in Oslo city centre, there might be some rerouting of traffic. Please be aware that the route may differ from the original tour description

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