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Moche Culture Experience

Trujillo (Salaverry), Pérou

Moche Culture Experience


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Immerse yourself in this cultural experience as you visit the Moche Valley and learn about the people that inhabited the region. See the amazing Sun and the Moon pyramids, the center of power in the northern coast of Peru during Moche times. Head to the countryside and stop on the road to the Moon and Sun temples where a traditional Moche family welcomes you. They’ll show you their native crops such as corn, chili, caigua and others. They’ll explain their techniques used to grow and yield better crops. Stop at the Huacas (temples) de Moche Museum, built like a pyramid to resemble Moche architecture. The museum combines exhibition rooms with an active investigation center.

Here you can appreciate artifacts and tombs of the Mochica Culture. You’ll find utensils, ceramics and pieces of high artistic value such as a feline cloak decorated with gold and feathers. See the Temple of the Sun, the largest adobe structure in the Americas and the most impressive of the pyramids found along the Peruvian coast. Visit the Temple of the Moon, smaller but equally impressive. The excavations display part of an older complex of interior rooms and inter connected patios that span a period of six centuries. Some of the walls were lavishly decorated with painted friezes. You’ll be impressed when you stand in front of the mud-brick friezes painted in black, bright red, white, and yellow depicting the face of a Moche God.

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Note: Ramps and steps are common at the temples, or huacas. These areas are going through a continuous process of excavation. We recommend you use sun protection.

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