Venecia (Trieste)


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Venecia (Trieste), Italia

The scenic port city of Trieste is steeped in history and natural beauty. Nestled atop a limestone plateau on a thin strip of land between the Adriatic Coast and Slovenia, the region has been ruled by multiple empires through the ages. This cultural fluidity is reflected in the awe-inspiring architecture and fusion of delicious cuisine found throughout the city. From touring museums and historic sites to strolling along its waterfront or reclining on a white-sand beach, this isolated, picturesque region of Italy boasts a wide range of attractions and activities.

Información PRÁCTICA

  • Nombre y ubicación del puerto
    Puerto de Venecia (Trieste)
    El barco ZARPARÁ desde este puerto.
  • Zona horaria
    CET (hora central europea)
    UTC/GMT +2 horas
  • Idioma
    El idioma local es el italiano. Para agradecer algo se dice "grazie", y "prego" significa de nada. Para preguntarle a alguien si habla inglés, debes decir "¿Parla inglese?". "Salve" significa hola y "arrivederci", adiós.
  • Divisas y compras
    Moneda europea (EUR)
    La zona del Ghetto/Cavana en Cittavecchia, Via San Nicolò/Borgo Teresiano y Viale XX Settembre son tres zonas peatonales donde podrás pasear entre tiendas boutique rodeadas de cafeterías y restaurantes.
    • Famoso por
      Venecia (Trieste) es conocida por su café, su importante comunidad de artistas, sus lugares históricos y por ser un crisol de culturas y estilos arquitectónicos.
    • Importante
      The sun is strong in the summer months, so remember sunscreen and/or protective covering.
    • Dato curioso N.° 1
      The stunning 19th century Miramare Castle looks as you would imagine all romanticized castles should — located on a bluff overlooking the blue sea with sprawling lush grounds and gardens that stretch out from a white-stoned castle featuring Gothic Revival architecture.
    • Dato curioso N.° 2
      Revoltella Museum of Modern Art is located within the former home of the wealthy merchant Baron Pasquale Revoltella and then expanded into the adjacent Brunner Palace. Art enthusiasts will enjoy browsing the extensive collection of modern art housed in the museum.
      • Dato curioso: amantes de la comida
        En Venecia (Trieste) se consume más café que en cualquier otra ciudad italiana. Get a taste of local coffee culture at the historic Caffè San Marco - opened in 1914 - where James Joyce wrote two of his novels.
      • Dato curioso: monumentos
        Said to be Europe's largest seafront square, Piazza Unità d'Italia is lined by historic, baroque Viennese-style government buildings. The space has hosted everything from international political meetings and summits to Green Day and Iron Maiden concerts.

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