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Promenade à Cannes et à l'Île Saint-Honorat avec dégustation de vins

Cannes, France

Promenade à Cannes et à l'Île Saint-Honorat avec dégustation de vins


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Take a stroll through Cannes as you learn about its history and discover a lesser known side of this famous town. Journey back in time and admire wonderful views during your visit to Saint-Honorat Island, followed by a wine tasting at the monastery.

A walk uphill takes you to the old section of Cannes that is dominated by a castle, from here enjoy. stunning views of the bay and islands. Follow your guide through the maze of colorful little streets to the open air market where the locals shop for fresh fruits and vegetables. Walk back to the pier to board a small boat and head out to Saint-Honorat Island, dominated by a 6th century monastery.

See the remains of the stronghold where for centuries, the monks protected the small island from pirates; a white limestone tower serves as a reminder. You may climb up the tower to admire the views and breathtaking beauty of the landscape stretching from the Alps to the sea. You’ll be welcomed at the beautifully preserved monastery where monks still produce wines using ancient methods, enjoy a taste of a few them.

Need to Know:

Note: There are approximately 3 miles of walking over flat, uphill and cobblestoned terrain, with about 25 steps to negotiate This tour is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties. During summer, those wanting to stay on the island longer can take a ferry back. Tour participation is limited.

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Visites de villes et panorama
Dégustations de vins et de plats locaux

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