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La remarquable ville d'Orvieto perchée sur une colline

Rome, Civitavecchia, Italie

La remarquable ville d'Orvieto perchée sur une colline


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Spend the day exploring the many treasures the village of Orvieto unveils at every turn. During your scenic drive to Orvieto in Umbria, you’ll pass by several small villages scattered over the hills boasting Medieval castles and churches. Upon arrival in Orvieto, you’ll take the cable car to reach the center. Orvieto goes back to the 9th century B.C. and the Etruscan civilization. Perched on a plateau atop huge cliffs, this town boasts of one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Italy. Its construction started in 1263 under the pontificate of Urbano IV who wanted to consecrate the so-called ‘miracle of the blood’. But your attention is immediately drawn by the wonderful Gothic facade of this cathedral. Inside, some chapels are structured with cross vaults, some of which are embellished by very important frescos painted by Fra Giovanni and by Luca Signorelli. In the transept you can admire a Pity from the 16th century.

After the cathedral’s visit, your guide will lead you on a walking tour through the narrow streets of this beautiful city and point out other things of interest that you could do during your leisure time. You’ll then have about 2 1/2 hours of free time to further explore Orvieto. During your free time, you might want to visit the Underground Passages, the Museum of Archeology, or St. Patrick's well, built in the early 16th Century by Pope Clement VII, an architectural marvel. If exploring is not your thing, you might opt to relax in the Piazza del Duomo over lunch, an ice cream or a glass of the famous local wine with some cheese and salami. What about doing some shopping? Orvieto is famous for its ceramics, glass, leather and olive wood work, in addition to the many local goods produced in the area, such as olive oil or the famous wine, Orvieto Classico. Whatever you choose to do, you’ll surely have a wonderful day.

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Note: You’ll need to navigate through cobblestone streets, uneven and inclined terrain on this tour with approximately 1 1/2 to 2 miles of walking and approximately 15 to 20 steps to negotiate at the Duomo. Offered on all Norwegian Spirit sailings and on Norwegian Epic round-trip Barcelona sailings only.

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