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Iconic Temples of Karnak & Luxor with Luxor Museum

Safaga, Égypte

Iconic Temples of Karnak & Luxor with Luxor Museum


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Stand in awe at the amazing temples of Karnak and Luxor, and admire the collections housed at the Luxor Museum. During your drive to Luxor, enjoy scenic vistas provided by the vast expanses of desert and barren mountains, interspersed with areas of farmland. Karnak Temple is comprised of three main temples, smaller enclosed temples and several outer temples. This vast complex was built and enlarged over a span of thirteen hundred years. During your visit, don’t miss the impressive Avenue of the Sphinx, linking Karnak with Luxor Temple. View the massive statues of Ramses II, the great halls and pylons and the pink granite obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut.

Re-boarding your coach, you’ll drive to the spectacular Luxor Temple, built during the reign of Amenophis III over 5,000 years ago. On the walls of the temple, you’ll witness some of the best preserved artwork in Egypt. You’ll also find a collection of breathtaking statues and obelisks that date back to the 14th century BC. Enjoy a buffet style lunch a local hotel during the day. You’ll visit the Luxor Museum, which houses an amazing collection of ancient artifacts ranging from Pharaonic art to items used in everyday life, such as pottery and jewelry.

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Note: This tour includes a significant amount of walking and climbing, as well as some stairs and uneven surfaces to negotiate. Travel time to and from Luxor is approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hours each direction. Comfortable lightweight clothing and sun protection are suggested.

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