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הרפתקת נופים בסירת RIB קשיחה מתנפחת

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הרפתקת נופים בסירת RIB קשיחה מתנפחת


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A tour by rigid inflatable boat RIB is a great way to enjoy the scenery in the sheltered waters near Tromso. View the sights, look for wildlife and listen to stories as you proceed towards Ryoya Island. With a little bit of luck you might spot soaring eagles or porpoises in the water. On Ryoya Island, there is a small herd of musk oxen that roam freely.

No landing is permitted for safety reasons, but the impressive animals can often be seen from the boat. Continue to Hakoya Island and hear the story of the Tirpitz, one of Germany's largest World War II battleships that sank close to the shoreline.

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Note: Participants must be able to board the RIB which involves a large step. Guests with back problems or pregnant women are not allowed as the boat ride can be rough. You must wear comfortable flat shoes, high heels are not permitted.

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