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Turaida & Sigulda

Riga, Lettonia

Turaida & Sigulda


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Head to the picturesque town of Sigulda, located about 30 miles from Riga. During the drive you will enjoy the beautiful forest scenery and magnificent views of the River Gauja valley. Sigulda is often called the Latvian Switzerland and is well known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Latvia. Visit the 13th century Turaida Castle and the fortification tower, where you can enjoy the picturesque landscape from a bird's-eye view. By the Turaida church under an old linden tree, you will find the grave of a young girl - the Rose of Turaida - the heroine of a true love story from the 17th century. Visit the sculpture park dedicated to Latvian folklore.

You will also stop for a look of the renovated ruins of the 13th century Sigulda Castle and the 19th century Kropotkin’s Manor House. With a long history of battles that severely damaged the castle, it suffered great damage during the centuries. After years of renovations, it offers a perfect venue where to hold many events and impressive views of the Gauja River Valley.

Along the way, you will stop for a short visit of the Gutmana cave; the object of many legends. Its name derives from the German words for gut mann, as the cave was home to a good man who healed locals with the waters of a nearby spring.

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