Can I or the authorised pick-up people, leave the ship on a port day while my child is in Splash Academy?

Yes, unless you are issued a handy phone or pager, which requires at least 1 authorised pick up person to remain onboard in case the staff or child needs your assistance. The Youth Programme Manager will enquire with the security team.

This policy is in place for the safety of your child. Pagers and handy phones do not work ashore from the ship.

Handy phones or pagers will be given out for the following reasons:

  • -If your child is in nappies
  • -If your child or staff needs your assistance beyond the scope of the youth programmes care provided

  • Youth Programme Manager reserves the right to issue a handy phone or pager to parents if the situation with the child requires parent/pick-up person assistance.

    If a handy phone or pager is issued to you and your child is signed into the programme, not responding to a page or call within 15 minutes will result in a $75.00 fee and your child will be dismissed from the programme.

    If a handy phone or pager is issued a fee of $150.00 will be applied to your onboard account if the device is not returned or if it is returned broken.

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