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Below are instructions and frequently asked questions for redeeming and using your Future Cruise Credits.  We thank you for your continued loyalty to Norwegian Cruise Line.

Safety Air Filtration IconValid for One Year After Issue Date

FCCs for 2020 suspended cruises must be used in 2021. FCCs for 2021 suspended cruises must be used 1 year from issue date.

Safety Air Filtration IconBook Cruises through 2022

Future Cruise Credits are valid for all sailings through December 31, 2022.

Easy Steps to Use Your Future Cruise Credits


Log In and Find FCCs Listed on My Account Page

Go to the "My Account" section of MyNCL, and you'll see your available FCCs in the My Coupons & Credits section. If you don't know your Log In name or password, call the number above and we'll help you with your credentials.


Explore, Plan and Book Your Cruise

Use the cruise search filters on NCL.COM to find the perfect cruise.

Note: Suspended Sailings and Peace of Mind FCCs are valid for sailings through December 31, 2022.


Use FCCs to Pay For Your Cruise

When you get to the "Payment Page" of booking, choose "My Coupons and Credits" from the Payment Type pull down menu. Use your FCCs as payment first. Some FCCs are combinable.

FUTURE CRUISE CREDITFrequently Asked Questions

FCCs issued for suspended sailings between March 13 – October 31, 2020

What costs are included in the future cruise credit (FCC)?

The following will be applied to the FCC:

  • Cruise fare and taxes
    • Including any winning Upgrade Advantage payments.
  • Hotel and CruiseTour packages purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line.
  • Flight arrangements booked through Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Shore Excursions booked and pre-paid through Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Prepaid service charges
  • Beverage or Dining gratuities (if part of Free At Sea (FAS) Promotion selection)
  • Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection, if purchased.
    Booksafe Travel Protection will be issued as a separate additional FCC worth the value of the travel protection plan paid. This insurance FCC will be valid for one year from date of issuance and only applicable towards insurance for all published sailings through Dec 31, 2022.
What is excluded in the future cruise credit (FCC) or refund?

The following will not be applied to the FCC or refunded:

  • Special Promotional Onboard Credits (OBC)
    What can the FCC be used for?

    Any bonus FCC amount is applied only to the voyage fare. The original, full value FCC can be applied and used for the following:

    • Voyage Fare
    • NCFs
    • Government Fees and Taxes
    • Pre-paid service charges
    • Beverage or dining gratuities (if part of the Free At Sea promotion selection)
    • Air purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line
    • Hotel purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line
    • Cruise tours purchased through Norwegian Cruise Line
    • Pre-booked and pre-paid shore excursions
    • Transfers
    • Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel Protection insurance
    Is there anything the FCC cannot be used for?

    The FCC cannot be applied or used for the following:

    • Amenities
    • Dining/beverage packages that are not part of the Free At Sea programme
    • Internet packages that are not part of the Free At Sea programme
    • Shore excursions booked while onboard
    • Onboard credit
    • Water/soft drink packages
    • Bottles of wine
    • Bon voyage gifts and celebration packages
    • Photo packages

    General FCC Questions:

    Are FCCs transferable?

    Yes. Effective May 18, 2020, FCCs from either our 2020 Suspended Sailings or Peace of Mind FCC are transferable. In order to transfer an FCC, and in an effort for us to best assist you quickly, please follow the instructions below:

    • Email Transfer Request To: fcctransfer@ncl.com
      • Include the following information in your email.
      • Subject Line: FCC TRANSFER REQ - Coupon ID #XXXXXXXX
      • Message to Include:
        • Attachment of email from original FCC owner requesting transfer.
          (*Note: Failure to include will result in the transfer request being denied.)
        • Completed FCC transfer request information. (provide information separately for each new owner)
      • Booking Advisor Name:
      • Original Peace of Mind or Suspended Sailing Reservation #:
      • Client ID of Original FCC Owner:
      • Client ID of Guest Receiving FCC:
      • FCC Coupon #(s):

        Partial Transfer Requests must also include the following info:

        • Reservation # Original FCC Applied to: for partial transfer request
        • Reservation # Transferred FCC will be applied to on Same ship and sail date as original FCC for partial transfer request

    Example Transfer Request:

    • Please allow at least 3 business days, up to 7 business days for the transfer request to be completed.
    • Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid are eligible for transfer
      • Partial transfer of Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid are only permitted when the receiving guest is travelling on the same ship and sail date as the original owner.
    • Note failure to include qualified reservation information for partial transfers will result in request being denied.
      The full remaining balance of a partial FCC will be transferred. We regret to advise we are unable to transfer only a portion of the balance.
    • Only the entire and full original value of the bonus 25% and 50% credit FCCs issued for suspended sailings may be transferred.
    • An email from the original FCC owner requesting the transfer to be made must be included when submitting the transfer request to fcctransfer@ncl.com.
    • Insurance FCCs are not available for transfer
    • Once the transfer takes place, the receiving guest is now the owner and the previous owner cannot request a transfer back.
    • Only one transfer or exchange of ownership will be allowed per FCC. This is applicable to Peace of Mind and suspended sailings FCCs, including 25% and 50% credit FCCs issued for suspended sailings.
    • Once the transfer is completed, a confirmation email will be sent, via a reply to the original email. At that time, the receiving guest will be able to apply the coupon to the desired reservation.
    What happens if the cancelled booking had a previous FCC applied?

    The original FCC amount will be returned to the guests' profile. If an affected booking has a previously applied FCC (as a result of a previous suspended sailing), the enhanced value future cruise credit will not be applicable. Bookings under this circumstance are not eligible for a cash refund and will receive the original value of the FCC back to the guests' profile.

    Note FCCs have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash. If a guest opts to retain the FCC provided, the guest hereby agrees to all of NCL's terms and conditions associated with the FCC, which can also be found on www.ncl.com/cruise-faq. Please be advised that at no time will an FCC be redeemable for cash, including but not limited to situations of possible future cruise suspensions, displacements, cancellations or if the FCC exceeds the time in which it must be used.

    Can a guest make a new booking before they receive the FCC for their cancelled booking?

    Absolutely. However, for FCCs associated with these affected cruises, the FCC must be first generated and attached to the guest profile. Once the FCC is added to the guest profile, FCCs can then be applied to any existing booking or newly created booking.

    What happens if there is a difference in cruise fare between the future cruise credit (FCC) issued and the future booking?

    If the cruise fare for the new booking exceeds the FCC's value, guests will be responsible for the difference. Alternatively, if the new cruise fare is lower than the FCC's value, a new FCC will be issued for the remaining balance.

    Can guests choose to carry promotional amenities or value adds from their cancelled reservation to their future booking?

    At time of cancellation, all promotional offers, amenities and value adds will be removed from the booking and will not carry-over to future reservations. Future reservations are subject to prevailing fares and offers in market at the time of booking.

    I won a bid on the Norwegian Upgrade Advantage. Am I guaranteed the same category on the new booking?

    No, guests will receive the full value of their winning bid within the FCC and can apply that towards the sailing and category of their choice. Guests can then participate in a new bid once invited to the programme for the newly selected sailing.

    What can the insurance FCC be used for?

    Insurance FCCs can only be applied to a new reservation where Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel protection has been added. If one of the available insurance plans is not added to the reservation, the FCC will be removed from payment.

    Still have questions? Contact Guest Services.
    0800 969 283