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Kochi Castle & Katsurahama Beach

Kochi, Japan

Kochi Castle & Katsurahama Beach


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Explore Kochi Castle, enjoy the views of the city and spend some free time in one of the most beautiful beaches Kochi.

Kochi Castle, an imposing structure atop Otakasa Hill, offers splendid views of the city from its privileged setting. First constructed at the beginning of the 17th Century, the building has survived many invasions, fires and natural disasters of the post feudal age. Reconstructed in 1748 after a devastating fire, today stands as the symbol of Kochi. It has also been selected as one of Japan's 100 best castles, and designated important cultural property. It is also the only 12 remaining Japanese castles to have retained both its original inner keep and palace. During your visit, you’ll learn of its fascinating history and enjoy its wealth of local treasures and historical objects.

A scenic drive takes you thought some of the city highlights and to Katsurahama, a beautiful beach 30 minutes south of central Kochi. A famous statue of Kochi's favorite son and one of the architects of modern Japan, Sakamoto Ryoma, stands near the beach. He was instrumental in negotiating an alliance between the Choshu and Satsuma clans that helped to bring an end to Japan's feudal age in 1868. You’ll have a little over a half-hour of free time to explore the area. Because of strong currents, swimming is prohibited at Katsurahama. Enjoy the beautiful scenery and walking paths; there is a small shrine on a cliff and other attractions in the area.

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Note: There are approximately 200 steps to negotiate at Kochi Castle. Flash photography and the use of tripods are not allowed inside the castle. Guests might be asked to remove shoes and wear provided slippers in some areas.

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