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Village Way of Life

Pago Pago, American Samoa

Village Way of Life


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Capture the scenic views of the island and visit a recreated traditional Samoan village where the ancient ways of island life are still faithfully practiced. Drive towards the idyllic western side of Tutuila. So many breathtaking views await you, each worthy of a brief stop for photos. There's the monolithic Fatu-ma-Futi or Flowerpot Rock that rises straight out of the ocean as if standing sentinel at the entrance to beautiful Pago Pago Bay. You’ll stop for photos along the way, to capture some of the best views of the island’s villages, coastline and lush mountains.

Still, staggeringly beautiful settings and historic attractions aren't the only draws in western Tutuila. You'll also have the opportunity to observe the traditional Samoan way of life at a uniquely laid-back small recreated village. The villagers live together communally and their thatched wooden structures, known as fales, which are open and without walls, symbolic of the villagers' unrestricted culture. Each fale is devoted to a specific purpose, such as sleeping or food preparation.

During your visit, you will observe demonstrations on daily activities that illustrate how the Samoans live their lives. Samoans are the only islanders that cook their family meals aboveground on an umu of hot river rocks, which are covered with banana fronds to create an oven of sorts. Following a cooking demonstration, you will get to sample the resulting dishes. Relax, and savor this unique opportunity to participate in traditional Samoan culture.

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Note: Transportation is via wooden island buses, with bench style seats and no air-conditioning. Due to the limited tourism infrastructure in this part of the world, there is a lack of professional tour guides. We may use students with basic English language skills, that are eager to share their country with you and make your visit enjoyable. Due to local culture, conservative attire is required; skimpy or revealing outfits are not appropriate on tour.

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