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Rainforest Aerial Tram

Castries, St. Lucia

Rainforest Aerial Tram


  • 31/2
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  • Family Recommended

The Rainforest Sky Ride in St. Lucia provides you with a bird's eye view of a truly mature oceanic rainforest. Nurtured by warm, gentle rains and rich volcanic soils, St. Lucia's forests have achieved a state of ancient majesty. Gondolas safely glide you through and over the tree tops, where knotted and twisting woody vines wind to the tops of old growth rainforest trees. Dense thickets of surreal vegetation merge with cascades of flowers. Lavender stars, orange bursts, yellow berries and white lace thrive on the branches of fragrant flowering trees.

Giant 'Chatannier,' magnolia, and gommier trees tower over the landscape and provide food and shelter for St. Lucia's endemic and endangered parrot. Experience St. Lucia's forest and witness this ancient celebration of color and life.

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Note: Restaurant facilities and a snack bar are available for an additional charge at the premises for your convenience.

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Historical Landmarks

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