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Elvis Duran and the Morning Show’s Jake Tuff Norwegian Cruise Line
Editor’s Note: We are excited to announce that the Elvis Duran and the Morning Show crew will be guest writing on our Travel Blog over the next couple of months. This week, Jake Tuff (a.k.a. Jake the Producer) shares his tips on Cruising for Millennials. Jake also earned himself the title of World's Best Son by surprising his parents with a Norwegian cruise to the Bahamas! Scroll down to watch the heartwarming video.

5 Cruise Tips for Millennials

Let me introduce myself! I’m Jake Tuff. I’m 26 years old and I’m the Video Producer for the nationally syndicated, Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. I am the millennial you want to get to know. Having had the pleasure of spending a lot of quality time at sea, I present to you five crucial tips to make your cruise vacation as enjoyable as possible.

1. Choose Wisely

Choose your travel partner(s) wisely. You will most likely spend a lot more time than you are used to with this person. That said, there are many opportunities for you to take some time to yourself, even when you’re at sea! Get a massage, go to the gym, or find a quiet spot on the ship and put on your headphones.

2. Participate as Much as Possible

There are more activities on the ship than you could ever possibly be a part of. If you are bored at all throughout your vacation, you’re doing it wrong. Participating also helps you meet other travelers. You may find yourself doing so many different things, that you forget to relax! Grabbing a chair by the pool is never a bad idea, just don’t spend your whole day there!

3. Disconnect

When we have a lapse of activity during the day, we grab our phones. When someone leaves the table at dinner, we grab our phones. Take this opportunity to DISCONNECT! Turn your phone on airplane mode and don't touch it for a few days (except to take pictures to share, once you reconnect of course!) Why are you checking Instagram every two seconds when every view you have at the moment is better than any picture you could capture?


4. Say Yes

Go for it. Go on that shore excursion, eat something you’ve never eaten before, go outside your comfort zone. The best moments on vacation for me, have been doing something new. Like, going down the waterslide at Atlantis in Nassau that slides into a shark tank, or jumping off a pirate ship in Bermuda into the ocean. If it sounds enticing to you, do it.

5. Stop Reading This and Book Your Next Vacation

This one is pretty self-explanatory. I hope you take my advice and take advantage of every minute you have on your Norwegian Cruise Line vacation!